1. ShaflaHopeLove

    The story of your first project!

    Title c: Or do you not remember? Try to remember! We all had our first projects in any Maker (and 99.99999999% of the makers abandoned it). I started with XP, and for information I only had a video tutorial of the basics of events, what followed was not pretty: Super flat characters. To the...
  2. kobthehawk

    Wheelchairs and Crutches (...oh my!)

    I made a long post request earlier and thought it wasn't the best I could have done for this forum. So I requested something understandable. Are there animations for paraplegics and wounded characters that are limp? Can they have accessories that go with that? Surely slowed motion events could...
  3. Benja

    Enemy emoting to getting hit, attacking, etc.

    Hiya. I'm looking for a script that would allow enemies to change battlers based on action taken in battle. i.e. An enemy gives a pained look when hit, then goes back to normal. Or an enemy attacks, giving a face of anger, then goes back to normal. Any help is appreciated!
  4. Mr. Trivel

    Hurt Sounds

    Author: Mr Trivel Name: Hurt Sounds Created: 2014-06-30 Version: 1.0 Request by: Rimaka    What does it do? Enemies and actors will play Sound Effect when getting hit.   Requirements: None   Instructions: Add <Hurt: SE_name, volume, pitch> to your Actor or Enemy note box. Example...

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