1. Iavra

    Iavra Localization

    Note: Refer to the following posts for a detailed description of all subplugins belonging to this one. Author Iavra Terms of Use Free to use for both commercial and non-commercial games. Please give credit. Download Core: http://pastebin.com/DQjGF7DC Menu...
  2. saronpasu

    why "locale" valiable is hard coding? please update core script.

    why RPGMakerMV "locale" variable is hard coding? i am fan of RPGMaker series. XP, VX, and VXAce. case of VX and VXAce RPGMaker's "locale" variable return "en". RPG Tkool's "locale" variable return "ja". RPGMakerMV's "locale" variable return "en". steam app change settings language "ru"...
  3. Iavra

    Iavra Game Localization - Core Engine, Database, Messages

    Description Allows to store all text content of your game in external files. Persists the current language in its own file and allows language switching at runtime. Prerequisites The Core engine is needed for the individual modules to work. Optionally, my Game.ini Acces script (Link) can be...

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Making good progress with the second chapter. :)

Still work in progress.

(Real life, it is chronically the fourth chapter that I am making.)
constructionworkconcept.pngezgif-2-0acb620ecf8d.gifezgif-2-afeaf16ebb8d.gif "The Great Wall is great. But, most people can only be the slaves who built it, leaving their bones underneath that wall. They spent their whole life to build that wall and the empire, an empire that enslaves them." :kaoswt2: I'm just going to turn it into a modern-day sad tale.

No edits, just gameplay from one area to the next. Plus all my new shiny interface stuff... And I even remember to bolt down the portal so it won't escape this time. :kaopride:
You guys just freely offer up your Autonomy?
I don't know about you, but today the covid frustration is seriously getting to me. Haven't really seen many of my friends for two years, since i moved towns the year before this all started, and well, i miss them :(
so, here's a cute alpacaraptor sketch to heighten the mood:

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