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  1. MegaStupidBulgarian1

    Why doesnt my icon show up?

    I made a couple of icons,but them in the pictures stuff and they ont show up anywhere.
  2. rianez3

    Rianez3's Free Iconset

    Credit: rianez3 Non-Commercial: free Commercial: free Repost: link to this topic or my itch.io site Edits: allowed Repost of Edits: yes, with credit and link to this topic or my itch.io site Maker Required: MV So yeah, basically this is my first thread, Nice to meet you all. I want to share my...
  3. XGuarden

    Sleeping icon

    Hi everybody, My game developpement going good. I got a question for you. I want to make people have zzzz over their hea while they sleep. I know we can use icon of course. But using a parralele process just for that on every NPC seem eavy... And only see the zzz when we trying to...

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