icon set

  1. Wecoc

    Wecoc's Iconsets

    Just some icons I want to share. They're compatible with XP, VX and VXAce. Terms of use They all have the same license - Credits are optional, but appreciated. - You can repost them (naming me as the author). - You can edit them, and post the edits as well. - You can use them on commercial RPG...
  2. youngyokai

    youngyokai's Logo and Icon Workshop (0/3)

    Hi everyone, my name is youngyokai and I'm a logo and UI artist. I'm looking to take some requests here to build up my skill and showcase work that can help devs with their projects. I am only taking three requests for now. Rules: Please be specific with your request, giving detailed outlines...
  3. Nisshoku

    RMMZ - Black Screen With Custom Icon Set (SOLVED)

    EDIT: So apparently after being slightly frustrated I was clicking intensely tab after tab in the database while thinking of a solution and all of a sudden they started working? I have no idea what caused the issue, or how I fixed it, but it seems to be working fine all of a sudden. So I am...
  4. eBuddy

    Pixel Unity and IconSet.png Problem

    Hello developers! Has anyone faced an issue with pixel size? My problem stems from the usage of Pokémon FireRed version's tiles. And because pokemon tiles are 16x16 and MV is 48x48, I just tripled their size to make them fit, fun and simple. This in turn, makes the smallest particle of my game...
  5. Shefflox

    A question before doing so

    So as of late I have been taking several different Icon Set Sheets and combining them into ONE massive ICON sheet, making sure that the Icon's have similar art styles before putting them on the BIG sheet, I have also recolored a few of them as well. So my question is (all of the ICON Set art is...
  6. Kevinpratama

    Kevin MV Tileset Workshop

    First Is The Template -What Kind Of Tileset You Want,It is a building,plant,decoration,etc... -How about the colour and the shapes may it circle,square,or unshaped just give the description as clear as you can. -What about Character,Icon,Or Title Screen Maybe i can but not the best one. I am...
  7. Mechanical Free Icon Set?

    Anyone know where to find or make a Mechanical Icon Set? like a circuit or Processor or anything that related to mechanical and robotic?
  8. ChrAndGow

    ChrAndGow's Hall of Ressources Reworked Icons

    Hello Rpg Makers. 24.04.2017 After a break i decided to get rid of the black outlines on the Iconset and reworked eveything, additionaly i added some weapon skill and guard icons. I welcome you to my ressource thread where I upload my ressources that I made so far. I am working on everything at...
  9. chungsie

    Chungsie's Icon Set (WIP)

    Howdy How Folks! It came to my attention recently that the Icon Set I had intended on using for Classical Age World is a hack/rip, I found it on google and did not know. So I started my own Icon Set. I'm hoping to have at least 5000 icons, but it will probably be much more. It is a Work in...
  10. _Shadow_

    [Icon set. Had it, lost it]

    It was free to be used for commercial use. It had green background if I remember right. It contained a cell phone, a battery and a flashlight Icon. If I recall correct it contained a hand held tape recorder icon too. It might probably be a restaff release. Searched in Grandma's lists, no...
  11. Iconset

    Hey, it's me again. :) It feels like I'm requesting way to much. :|   This time I'm looking for an Itemset that contain some armor, weapons and basic items like potions. I already found one ( http://vxresource.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/biggest-iconset-ever/ ) but it's way too big and contains...
  12. Midnight Kitty

    Merging two icon sets

    I would like to request some help in merging two tilesets together. I would be very grateful of any assistance thanks. Also so i commission someone to draw some sprites of asian characters. I would like them also to possibly have a damaged state.

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