icon sets

  1. Ravos9988

    Merging multiple iconsets into one? And weapon set usage.

    I have a couple iconsets from different artists that I want to combine into one because I have multiple classes, etc that use icons from multiple sets. And since I realized that you can only have one iconset in your system folder at a time (and if you have multiple, something something...
  2. Darkstrife

    Icon set stopping command prompt from opening

    Hello So I am coming across a strange issue. I'm trying to implement some custom graphics into my project and I've come across a situation where when I use an ability that uses an icon from my custom made Icon set PNG the command window doesn't load and the battle cannot be continued. Heres...
  3. BerryB

    BerryB Archives - MV Free Art Resource Packs

    Before I get around to introduce the Free Resource Packs, let me lay out the basic/general terms of use for using the archives' resources. 12/08/2017 - Major 2016 Link overhaul changes from Dropbox to Mediafire. - Refit some of the links for easier access and less scrolling. 30/05/2018 -...
  4. Modern iconsets

    I recently buy DS + DS Resource pack but here not icon set. I need a moren icon set for my game. Thank you in advance

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