1. Nightblade50

    How to publish my own DLC for RPG Maker?

    Yeah, I have NO IDEA where to publish this thread, so I'll stick it here. Anyways, I made some icons with pixel art (specifically, 100). I want to publish them to be available as DLC for RPG Maker. I want the DLC to cost money. However, I don't have any idea how to publish my work either as...
  2. MV icon sets?

    Hello i'm looking to get more into making a game i have in mind but to do so i was wanting to do a large icon sets, have lots of designs for weapons, armors, items, etc. The only problem is the ones i've seen online is that some of them are copyright problems and cant use them for commercial...
  3. LazerDiskShota

    Changing expression icons

    There's a way of changing expression icons? I found on internet than you can change the other icons (items, states, etc.), but I can't found if there's a way to change the expression ones.
  4. alcreator440

    Unique RTP-Style Shield Icons

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there either has or could make shield icons that have a similar aesthetic to the image above. If you guys know of a source please link me to it. I need about 5-10 unique shield designs. I should also mention that I would like the icon to be angled...
  5. Tiifan

    Spread states icons on enemies, showing them all

    Hey everyone ! The actual displaying system for enemies states is kind of counterproductive for my game. The battle gameplay is based a lot on buffs/debuffs and the fact that on enemies it is displaying only one icon that update itself to change and show every states one by one isn't ideal...
  6. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    Hello, guys! So, as already mentioned in my introduction thread, I have decided to share my original assets also on this forum, so all the english speaking folks over here don't get left out. I did not post some of my older assets, since they are pretty dated by now. But if you want to check...
  7. LunaCyclone

    How do I use new weapon sheets?

    I've come across some amazing weapon sheets that I want to use for sv battles. I have yanfly's weapon animation plugin, but the files need to be separate and not on sheets. How does one go about making use of them? I can't seem to figure it out.
  8. tale

    VX Ace Battlebacks (50) for XP/ +Icons

    I did some scale work and cropping to fit in with RPG Maker XP. These could be an alternative for a set of battlebacks. Image format: jpeg (Icons: png) Includes- Brick, Bridge, Castle, Castle2, Castle3, Cliff, Clouds, Crystals, CrystalTranslucent, DarkSpace, DemonCastle1, DemonCastle2...
  9. Shrine Maiden Tool Icon

    Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: MV Art Style: Standard Description: Need a weapon Icon for a shrine maiden's stick (gohei). I'm using recolored icons see reference below. Reference Images: (SV Weapon being used) Gohei...
  10. Zacyiia

    Converting Images to Icons (Icon Set)

    I would like to make Icons out of the above weapons. But seeing as simply scaling them down looks awful, I was wondering if there was a particular way to make icons out of these without losing too much of their quality.
  11. Koru-chan

    Koru's MV Workshop

    Used to be just an icon thread, but expanded to more resources. This thread is mostly for showing samples. There will be links to more variations of these on my rpgm blog. [/SPOILER] Custom Frame Flat Colors One-Tone Gradient Two-Tone Gradient Metallic [/SPOILER] [/SPOILER]...
  12. Animebryan

    Booster Pack & Card Icons

    I looked all over the internet for Booster Pack icons for a game I'm making involving cards but couldn't find any anywhere! So I had to make them myself. If you're making a game that uses cards & want some actual booster pack icons, here you go. Terms of Use: These are free to use, Commercial...
  13. Relianna

    In need of some crafting related icons

    So I'm struggling to find the icons i need for my project and was wondering if anyone would be willing to help me out. Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: MV Art Style: In the style of the VX Ace icons ^^ Description: Frying pan Cooking knife Cutting board Mixing bowl or something related...
  14. megumi014

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2 (10/06/2019)

    Point and Click Inventory (IconID Pictures) Ver. 2. PEZ * The GUI elements and the Icons are from Александр Загорулько (I guess Aleksandr Zagorulʹko in latin alphabet). Requirements This Plugin was made with 1.5.2. version of RPG Maker MV. It might not work with 1.6.1. A new IconSet to...
  15. Vanir

    Vanir Resources | Update: 43 Icons & variations [133 total] | NO RTP tilesets, icons

    ..................................................... Here you can find several resources among which the tileset will prevail. This thread will be updated over time. Do not hesitate to let me know your suggestions below. PD: The set of tiles I make does not use the RTP set Term of use...
  16. PhoenixX92

    I have an Alice in Wonderland themed icon set I'm working on and need ideas

    Sooo... Yeah. I was browsing the DLC for Maker MV on Steam and saw an Alice in Wonderland music pack, and I have always adored AiW, so I went looking for tiles/sprites/whatever related to it and ultimately came up with nothing, so I decided to make an iconset which I'll post on here once it's...
  17. atoms

    RPG Maker MV Yanfly Iconset Armour Recolour Request

    Hey there. As some of you know Yanfly made a wonderful iconset for RPG Maker MV which can be found in the link below. http://yanfly.moe/2015/10/23/freebies-mv-ready-ace-icons/ At the moment it has recolours of nearly everything including weapons too, I was wondering if someone could take it...
  18. Buff Icons Question

    Hello all, I have a question related somewhat to Yanfly's Buffs and States Core for RPG Maker MV. Using the plugin, I have changed the default number of possible buffs and debuffs to 3 (up from 2) in increments of 33%. No problem there, but there's something bugging me immensely. By default...
  19. Mooshry

    Dragon Quest Style Icons

    I need two Dragon Quest-style icons for my fangame. First, the Aqua Diamond, custom-made. And the Fresh Milk, from DQVIII I want them to be in the style as the icons in this page: https://dragonquest.wikia.com/wiki/List_of_items_in_Dragon_Quest_IX Thanks in advance!
  20. Pepito123

    Coonskin cap

    Resource Type: Icon Maker Format: XP Art Style: preferably the common or default style of the maker. But if it's not possible, well, surprise me(¿ Description: a simple raccoon fur hat, like the pic Reference Images: Here is the link: https://www.basspro.com/shop/en/coon-skin-cap-for-kids

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