1. NexoNeko

    MV/MZ Iconset auto-align (Photoshop)

    Hey guys, I just released a (free) action set for Photoshop, designed to auto-align icons to a 32x32 grid. It can align up to 180 icons in one go. Demonstration: I included a user manual in the Zip files with the tutorial on how to use it, as well as some common errors you can run into. This...
  2. Shikashi

    MV/MZ Fantasy Icons Pack

    This is an icon pack with 229 unique icons and 55 recolours, with 284 icons in total. The spritesheet and 32x32 icon size were designed with RPG Maker MV in mind, but can be also used for MZ or any project that can use 32x32 sprites. There are several icon backgrounds to choose from, along with...
  3. Solr

    Solr "Modern Medicine" / Drink Icons VX/VXA/XP

    It's not very much, but I want to give something back to the community; so many great people have helped me here time and time again. A few years ago, when I was in high school, I was obsessed with making an RPG about my town/school. You see, my central Texas highschool had a bit of a problem...
  4. Solovei

    Tool to take a folder of images and convert to an iconset

    I got some icons from itch.io that I would like to add to my game. I can manually edit the IconSet.png file in photoshop to add them in, but this seems like it will take quite a while, pasting them in one by one, especially if there are a lot... Does anyone know if there is a tool or a script...
  5. Stemmer11

    Joe's Alotofthings Icons, Character Portraits, Battlers & Animations

    Give me some time to get things uploaded. I have been working on some art over the last several years that I will not get to use myself, so I am posting some of it for free. You may or may not have seen these elsewhere as I have been posting for a few months now on some other social sites. I...
  6. RMMZ How to display icons on the screen at all times?

    Hi, For example, I like to display the clock, book, and wallet in the bottom right corner of the screen and it can be accessed by the click of a button or pressing a key on the keyboard. I have the icons, but unsure what needs to be done to have them displayed. I tried searching around but...
  7. maliyana

    RMMV CTB style battle system with icons based on number of turns

    I'm looking for a CTB battle system plugin that shows the battler icons based on who gets the next turn, but also shows the same battler's icon multiple time when appropriate. For example, if an actor and enemy have the same speed, the icons will show: actor-enemy-actor-enemy However, if the...
  8. Mooshry

    RMMZ No Icons?

    So my MZ game doesn't use icons and has pretty long item names like "SPELL POWER EMITTER" which with the 624 x 624 resolution, appear horribly squished in the shop and equip menus. I'm guessing it's because of the empty space where an icon should be (or the name is just way too long), which ends...
  9. NeptuneTron

    NeptunesOrcaII's Miscellaneous MV Resource Dump

    Sometimes I make stuff, and I figured I should make a place for that, so other people can use them too. Use them if you feel like it. I also don't take requests or commissions (though suggestions are always welcome). Don't expect anything from this, other than what's already there, and you...
  10. ovate

    Overhead Icon

    Overhead Icon - 2020.10.23.0 Creator name: OneEyedEagle Overview Adds the ability to show icon above the character's head on the map. Features - Uses script call to show icon about the character or event. - Overhead icon fades consistently throughout. - A switch to turn "off" overhead icon...
  11. Mooshry

    RMMV Shift Balloon Icons?

    So in my game, the balloon icons are diagonal like in scribblenauts instead of the default straight down. The problem is, since the balloon icons are usually supposed to point down, it looks weird when they show up directly above the npc instead of to their upper right. Now you may ask, why am...
  12. ts50

    How to publish my own DLC for RPG Maker?

    Yeah, I have NO IDEA where to publish this thread, so I'll stick it here. Anyways, I made some icons with pixel art (specifically, 100). I want to publish them to be available as DLC for RPG Maker. I want the DLC to cost money. However, I don't have any idea how to publish my work either as...
  13. MV icon sets?

    Hello i'm looking to get more into making a game i have in mind but to do so i was wanting to do a large icon sets, have lots of designs for weapons, armors, items, etc. The only problem is the ones i've seen online is that some of them are copyright problems and cant use them for commercial...
  14. LazerDiskShota

    Changing expression icons

    There's a way of changing expression icons? I found on internet than you can change the other icons (items, states, etc.), but I can't found if there's a way to change the expression ones.
  15. alcreator440

    Unique RTP-Style Shield Icons

    Hey guys, I was just wondering if anyone out there either has or could make shield icons that have a similar aesthetic to the image above. If you guys know of a source please link me to it. I need about 5-10 unique shield designs. I should also mention that I would like the icon to be angled...
  16. Tiifan

    Spread states icons on enemies, showing them all

    Hey everyone ! The actual displaying system for enemies states is kind of counterproductive for my game. The battle gameplay is based a lot on buffs/debuffs and the fact that on enemies it is displaying only one icon that update itself to change and show every states one by one isn't ideal...
  17. Sevarihk

    Sevarihk's original asset collection (XP version)

    Hello, guys! So, as already mentioned in my introduction thread, I have decided to share my original assets also on this forum, so all the english speaking folks over here don't get left out. I did not post some of my older assets, since they are pretty dated by now. But if you want to browse...
  18. LunaCyclone

    How do I use new weapon sheets?

    I've come across some amazing weapon sheets that I want to use for sv battles. I have yanfly's weapon animation plugin, but the files need to be separate and not on sheets. How does one go about making use of them? I can't seem to figure it out.
  19. ovate

    VX Ace Battlebacks (50) for XP/ +Icons

    I did some scale work and cropping to fit in with RPG Maker XP. These could be an alternative for a set of battlebacks. Image format: jpeg (Icons: png) Includes- Brick, Bridge, Castle, Castle2, Castle3, Cliff, Clouds, Crystals, CrystalTranslucent, DarkSpace, DemonCastle1, DemonCastle2...
  20. Nekohime1989

    Shrine Maiden Tool Icon

    Resource Type: Icons Maker Format: MV Art Style: Standard Description: Need a weapon Icon for a shrine maiden's stick (gohei). I'm using recolored icons see reference below. Reference Images: (SV Weapon being used) Gohei...

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