1. Shikashi

    MV/MZ Fantasy Icons Pack

    This is an icon pack with 229 unique icons and 55 recolours, with 284 icons in total. The spritesheet and 32x32 icon size were designed with RPG Maker MV in mind, but can be also used for MZ or any project that can use 32x32 sprites. There are several icon backgrounds to choose from, along with...
  2. JardsonJean

    Daggers, Spears and Axes - Iconset and Side View Animations

    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://ladyluck.itch.io/simple-iconset-weapons This is a simple compilation of icons for general use. The size is 64x64, which is much bigger than what RPG Maker requires, but since I make them using vector graphics, I wanted to upload them bigger, so people can resize them...
  3. ignorantcanadian

    Better way to add Icons to Icon Set?

    Is there any program that can make adding Icons to the Icon Set better? Currently, I'm using paint.net for this but resizing and making my Icons smaller ruins the quality of them. Is there an automated process that adds them instead? Or a better photo editing software that doesn't ruin the...
  4. JardsonJean

    RPG Maker FES - Iconset recreation

    DOWNLOAD HERE: https://ladyluck.itch.io/rpg-maker-fes-iconset-recreation Back with another project. I saw someone post the ripped iconset from RPG Maker Fes on The Spriters Resource website and I wanted to recreate some items I thought could be easy to recreate. I ended up recreating and...
  5. tale

    Item Borders Rank

    Item Borders Rank 2014-10-07 Creator name: VIPArcher Introduction Items can have borders as a base similar to icon design for MV. Preview It's possible to rank items by giving them different colors. Colors are based on default color index. In the item Note box, I used following...
  6. TSR

    TSR_TextColorAddOn by The Northern Frog

    download: TSR_TextColorAddOn v1.6.4 Author: TSR, The Northern Frog RPG Maker MV let you change the font color in text windows using the escape code '\C[x]' where x range from 0 to 31, providing colors from the default window skins of /img/system/Window.png. This simple Plugin now allow you to...
  7. JardsonJean

    Simple Wand Iconsets

    I've been working on a few different variations of wands based of a very simplistic design I put together. They're available in a sprite sheet in 3 sizes (48x48, 32x32, 24x24) so you can download the one that fits your needs. I'll be updating this post as I make more of them and I hope a lot of...
  8. dnel57

    How to Change your IconSet in MV

    How to Change your Icon set in MV If you would like to replace your default iconset with a different or larger one, this is how to do it.(one way, at least). First find an iconset that you would like to use. Next, download it to your pc. The file may say something like: Joe's Big Bad Iconset...
  9. Davox

    Can't load "Iconset" from Yanfly's Icon generator

    I used the icon generator once to transform my icons from the default rmmv to rmvxa and i succeeded, however i tried to updated it once again, and i save the icon sheet, but it won't load, i already deleted the old sheet in output and export the new one, but it appears as if nothing has changed...
  10. JardsonJean

    Farming Life - Iconset for cropping and harvesting in RPGs

    We're now at version 2 and I added a bunch of new icons. Happy 2020, everyone! Free for commercial use. Licence CC by 4.0 Download v1 here: https://ladyluck.itch.io/farming-life
  11. RoseofElandil

    Iconset Source?

    Hello, My apologies if it's the wrong thread...I've been seeing these icons on the web a long time ago, I think I had the impression it's free to use but now I'm not sure and Googling didn't help much in my case. Can I ask if someone knows who made these icons, and how are their terms of use...
  12. ShadowDragon

    Windowskin + iconset

    Hi all, this is my first attempt on the windowskin, but I'm still working on it for different colors when the main skin is completed as well for my first attempt on potion icon which is a pain, recolor was easier. I hope you like them so far, but im still learning and got some Windowskins...
  13. JardsonJean

    Blades Volume I - Iconset for RPG Maker MV

    I'm compiling, coloring and setting up a bunch of icons for the folks at game-icons.net. Since they are vector based, they look a little simple but I think they can be very useful for starter games. I did my best to include variations to how the icons are presented so you can use them anyway you...
  14. Nightblade50

    Does this iconset for VX Ace contain rips?

    So I saw an iconset that's really big, and it's for VX Ace. https://vxresource.wordpress.com/2010/07/05/biggest-iconset-ever/ But I think I recognize some of the icons from other games, especially the ones at the very bottom... Does this iconset have rips in it?
  15. JardsonJean

    Realistic Iconset v1 (using free source images)

    DOWNLOAD LINK https://ladyluck.itch.io/realistic-rpg-iconset-v1-32x32 Links for the original free source images: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lnB-mWDgJu1itLvDLQ1kZ2xolG_W33cpo25ElNZdvH0/edit?usp=sharing Been working on a realistic iconset using free source images since tuesday. Don't...
  16. Nightblade50

    Icons for 2k3?

    This is a very short question, but one that might take a lot more to answer. Is there any way to add icons to skills, items, weapons, etc...for rm2k3? Whether it's like in RMXP, with a small picture, not a whole iconset, or like RMVX+, with groups of icons in an iconset? I don't care how...
  17. SOLVED:Moghunter Scripts can't change "IconSet". Why and or How?

    Hi, I hope someone can help me with this issue. I'm using Moghunter Plugins. I Change the IconSet because the basic one was lacking choices. But since then I notice 2 instance where the Icon won't show, it'll only display a black square. One is with the MOG_TreasurPopUp plugin (see picture)...
  18. Textile Iconset?

    Hi guys, anyone have any Textile themed Icon set? or where to find them? Textile themed like Wool, Cloth, Hides and etc. Edit: VX / VX Ace 24x24 or bigger are fine
  19. Ygdrassill

    Help resizing IconSet for MV

    Hey all, I've never really done any resizing or messing around with redoing tilesets, so It would be fantastic if someone could help me out and resize this iconset for RPGMV for me. I tried once but couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong.  I appreciate any help or info even to just how to...
  20. Vardenax

    Help with a iconset.

    Hello, I found an icon set online filled with VXAce Icons, Whitecat icons and 7soul1 icons. but there is some graphics I do not recognize and would like to know who is the artist. I tried looking for them but can't find the art anywhere. Here is the link for the icons...

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