1. Xanthippe

    Creating an IconSet

    HI all  So here is my problem...  I have created an icon set and it works, however, it has a white background and not the checkerd blue and black background. Every icon I use now has a white square behind the picture instead of nothing.  I am using Graphics gale as the program. P.S.  Don't...
  2. Morpheus

    Simple Iconset request :)

    Hello, just looking for a simple Wheel Cog icon for the icon set. I cant find or make any myself >_< If you could make it rusty like in the picture, that'd be even better! :) P.S. If anyone knows of an iconset containing robot parts, that would be appreciated :)
  3. PK8

    Iconset Index Selection Tool

    Iconset Index Selection Tool This was a tool I thought up while eating breakfast one morning. Then I figured I'd go take a break from a project I was working on to build this. A few minutes after beginning development, I realised Ace had a way of displaying the Icon's Index when selecting an...

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