1. increment a variable via events?

    I have an idea where you need to press a switch to open switch blocks, but it also makes a monster chase you until you get to the next room. i came up with the idea to use a variable which opens all blocks until you get past a certain point and then have to do it again in another place. how...
  2. Technical404

    "Skill Card" System

    So, basically i was working on my rpg and decided i would make a "Skill Card" system like in the Persona games, but i have no idea how to do make it work without using the equipment, is there a better way for me to do it? Since i think that having to buy different armor just for a Skill would be...
  3. Play as the father then son

    Is there a way to play as the father in the first part then play as the son like in fire emblem genealogy of the holy war using the rpg maker mv switch
  4. DreamstarStudios

    Would this be Weird

    So I was tossing around this idea about a game based on a webcomic plot I once had and I got to thinking what if I did the web comic and the game and used the webcomic to expand on aspects of the story I couldn't put in the game , whether bc it wouldn't fit or bc I couldn't make the T rating if...
  5. allergyy

    Battle and Befriend

    Is it possible to create a battle sequence where you are able to either fight a monster or befriend them? Like giving them mercy? Kinda like undertale.
  6. Is this a good idea, or not?

    Hi! I've been planning my game for some months and the only thing im not totally happy with is one specific idea that Im scared about. I love it but I think it will make people avoid my game. The thing is, my game is a medieval classic rpg, and I know it's very common that's why my game won't...
  7. forgettablepyromaniac

    Made mockups, wanted some thoughts.

    I finally, finally got inspiration to actually continue my RPG Maker 2k3 ventures after two years of faffing about with things, and I'm getting things DONE. I got a title screen and various other doohickeys here and there, and although I didn't want to reveal too much right now, I had some more...
  8. nbgamemaker

    Thoughts about potential super move drawback.

    So I recently started working on a new game, and an idea for a mechanic i had was that if you store up too much tp (which the super uses) it damages the party and the enemies, and if you use too many it makes your next attack weaker. I was wondering if i could get feedback on this idea, and how...
  9. TheRamenGirl

    RMXP Your character in my game (too) !

    Hello! I was thinking of npc to create for my game when i saw kirri's post that he wanted us to give him in summary, ideas for characters! and i loved the idea!!! So i am borrowing Kirri's idea from this post and What i want from you is, to give me a description of a character to be part of my...
  10. JohnDoeNews

    RMMV The bully project

    Prologue Ever feel like everyone is grouping up on you? Maybe you farted in a full elevator, spoke your mind on a Trump rally or you cheered for the wrong team at a soccer match... The result will always be the same: Everyone will turn against you. They will attack you verbally and if they get...
  11. PixeLockeT

    RMMZ Interest Check: Game/Team for Ukraine

    I've decided to move my main project to RPG Maker Unite due to my familiarity with Unity's C# (JS was so hard, I kept quitting learning, idk why it wouldn't click like learning C# is). In light of this, I'd still like to take on a small project with RPG Maker MZ (it's my fav RM engine lol). I...
  12. Gain XP during battle? (MZ)

    So I have this idea where the player starts each battle at level 1, but can gain XP during the battle. After the battle the player's XP is removed, meaning the next battle they will continue to be level 1. Enemies still level up like normal. The player has to use items, abilities not learned...
  13. EmmaB

    RMMV Sci-fi Game Idea

    Hi everyone, Firstly, I hope this is the right place to put this thread. Sorry if I've got it wrong... :blush: I'm currently toying around with a game idea I'm wanting to start on and I was hoping to get some feedback as to whether it looks like a good idea and something any of you might be...
  14. Just want to chat about horror ideas

    I'm thinking, I'm going to make a horror game. I've looked through many gameplay videos of other horror rpg games on youtube, but still haven't found my inspiration. I want to come up with a gameplay that makes players think, feel creative. I am also thinking about a plot with many twists and...
  15. overlordmikey

    RMMZ A concept I'm thinking of working on

    So I wanna practice a few ideas and improve my skills with game development. I decided on an idea that would help me practice a few things for future ideas. I'll probably make a demo concept of the idea and see what people think of it. I welcome people to rip it apart both now and if/when it...
  16. RMXP Horror Game Idea based Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

    Hey, i've recently got back into liking RPG horror games by watching Manlybadasshero on youtube. And one of my old game ideas came back to me and I thought of making it with RPG Maker. I'm still not sure if I should buy it because I might not use it that much or I won't be using it all my life...
  17. I Need Suggestion About This concept game Idea.

    Hello this is still on my mind or concept idea. i want to make a game which has Makemon art style (including CG art/standing art and the sprite) as you can see the image above and below. - the map is isometric view - the sprite has 8 directional turn around - Live2d Standing Art - 1920x1080...
  18. Taiga102

    RMMZ My Idea

    My idea starts at the end of the story, rather than the beginning. Our characters are fighting a mysterious looking man in a throne in space, when suddenly one of his goonies knocks them out. You wake up on Earth. You go through normal areas, meet a friend, then suddenly you discover an area...
  19. MerlinCross

    Overheat - Replacing TP Gauge

    I thought of an idea but getting mixed responses on my google fu. Idea goes that if you hit 100 on your TP gauge you enter an overheat state. This could do many things depending on what you want for the game but the problem first comes in figuring out how to make the game check TP and fire it...
  20. Axsajim

    The Flowermaker.

    Grettings, I am the Flowermaker: a creator. I've been creating since i was a child and i'm living from it since my adolescence. Drawing, writting, coding and more. I'm pretty curious so learning new skills become an habit real quickly. I know English, Spanish and Japanese. You could guess...

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