1. Shiveru

    RMMV [GAME CONCEPT] Need feedback...

    Tales of Sorrow (Or something like that) Before you start reading, I'm not sure if this is the category that I should use but since what I'm gonna post is all in my mind and I have not started working yet, I'll post this here :elswt:. I think I know how I'm gonna do everything that I post here...
  2. Tuomo L

    Would you be interested in publisher services?

    Hey, guys, I didn't know where I should post this, so I just posted it here. I have been thinking about this for quite some time and I was wondering if anyone would be interested in this publishing sorta idea I've had in my mind. Basically, you'd let me sell your games and I'd take 40% cut off...
  3. LRDean_Socks

    Just wanted to show a random idea I had (Background Builder)

    Just a thought. This was just a thought that came to me, its not for a game or anything, so thought this might be the appropriate place to post. I do not have the skills, and coding sazy to make something like this possible, but thought it would be cool. Would love to know other people's...
  4. TheMutantSpaceDancer

    Waluigi game ideas.

    As we all know, Waluigi is the best fictional character to ever be made up by Nintendo, only one key problem though, Nintendo refuses to realized how great he is by not giving him his own game. Waluigi needs a game about, and a good one at that so throw me your best idea for a game starring the...
  5. leenat40

    Games that lie

    Possible spoilers for: Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice Hello everyone! Long time no see! But in that long time I have played lots of different games and got lots of ideas for the future. But the one idea, that continues to stick to me is: a Psychological Thriller that depend on the player...
  6. tylerr90

    mechanic for bathroom urges

    hi I would like a plugin that adds bathroom urges to specific actors in the database because I'm making a game based off sky high movie on Netflix basically I got the concept Idea from that specific movie and I hope it does not seem weird I admit it is a little weird but its based off that movie...
  7. Gonor

    Story-driven Boardgame?

    Hi there. I hope this is the right forum. If not: apologies. When I was a child I like this board game. I don't remember its name but I really liked it and regularly got it from our town's library. Later, I bought the World of Warcraft board game (which was very complex, but didn't actually...
  8. Jonforum

    Help and some idea to improve my custom plugin

    I started learning there around two months the javascript . I'm still at the beginning but I learned rather quickly. I was rather specialized in html5 and css. For now my custom plugin works fine for my needs, however, I remain skeptical of some techniques that I use in my javascript...
  9. OrenjiBoy135

    RPG Maker Idea - Rebound Damage

    I'm not aware if anyone else has thought of this, but here I have the idea of Rebound Damage. If the defender's result ends up being higher than the attacker's result, the latter takes damage which is measured by the difference. EX: The defender has 50 Defense, and the attacker ends up...
  10. Darkbeetlebot

    Idea for a mechanic, but don't know how to implement: Item Sacrifice

    So I just recently came up with a "bonus" mechanic for my more dungeon-crawly game that acts kind of like the gun altar from Borderlands 2. With this, the player would be able to approach an event of some kind such as a large vat or stone altar, discard any of their weapons or armors into it and...
  11. starcrescendo

    Battle Bonus/Victory Conditions

    So let me start out by saying I don't specifically need this plugin, at least not for my current game. So it isn't really a request, more of an "idea" for any scripters who are looking for something to build and flex those programming chops. And fellow game devs can comment if they'd like to see...
  12. Flashback on a Battle

    Hello! I haven't seen this in any of the RPG Maker games that I played. So my question is, is it possible to insert a flashback during a battle (without restarting it or ending then starting it again)? For example, the main character is an amnesiac guy who can't remember anything besides the...
  13. Seacliff

    Battle System Idea: Thought Provoking or Just Annoying?

    So I just want to talk about this battle system Idea that came to my head, and what are your guy's take on it. Of course, if it just happens to be some other game's system, please let me know. Alright, there are 4 party members. Before each turn, 5 cards will be randomly chosen and be shown to...
  14. Clockwarkgate

    IDEA DUMP; My kind of flaw

    I like to share all the story concepts that I have created... (1) A story of a 18yr old guy who has lost his memory after meeting this 14yr old girl. The girl has no reflection infront of the mirror. The two of them were meet by fate to protect the city they live in. Because they were chosen by...
  15. ookami_lord

    Idea to survive a zombie game like the Walking Dead

    Hi there Community! I've recently watched someone play the walking dead game and watched like the first episode of the show('cause I'm really lazy in regard to movies and series...) But anyway...I had this idea that suddenly popped up and wanted your opinion: Why not use the dog suit thingies...
  16. Tigersong

    Just a suggestion

    I was wondering, is this a workable idea? If I wanted to make an Ace game with, say, XP-type graphics, it would good to be able to buy XP resources without the engine itself. A) I'm broke and B) this would open up all kinds of opportunities for developers in general. Please consider it...
  17. CharcoalKidd

    Non-Traditional Sins

    I'm looking for non-traditional sins to theme some levels around. There's the obvious Big Seven: Lust Envy Greed Pride Wrath Sloth Gluttony But I've also heard some interesting minor ones: Mirth (presumption with one's own happiness) Apathy (detachment from the world) Risk (think gambling)...
  18. WorldWakeSTU


    I just came up with this being random in my sun room. if you have trouble making pixel art then LOOK THROUGH A WINDOW SCREEN. if you look at it a certain way everything will have lines on it and each square  will have only certain colors and patterns giving you a pixel picture and then you...
  19. -Rylan

    Between [Game Idea]

    There are many ways to live. You can enjoy every second. You can achieve all your goals and set no limits, working hard every day. Or you can hate every moment. You can hold grudges and live on the dark side of the moon. Every second you either hate or love, it changes the way you see...
  20. Complete unoriginal "RTP the Game" game idea

    Lol- here's an idea- A complete RTP game with literally no custom content whatsoever. No editing skills, equipment, actors, using maps outside a blank map for startup and the sample maps... The only thing you can customize are events, actor startup equipment (although you can't modify what...

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