1. Mynameis

    Game idea help?

    Hi, I need some help thinking of a game idea. Perhaps some people could mix some stuff up and help with the idea I would really appreciate the help and they would be credited. If a couple of ideas were good I would mix them together and credit all who I used. Here's some things I could do...
  2. Jonath4nC

    I can see clearly now my brain is gone...

    I'll work on the title later heh heh...   Prelude to the description:   Concepts:   The Idea:   The Development:  
  3. History Idea for Game Project - Ironwalkers

    The Magic always bring unlimited power to the knowings and handlers.  You extraordinary way to control nature elements, and even create things that poor mind people, never would be able to imagine. There was a time where many has access to the Magic. And many power in the hand of many it is...
  4. Evan Finkel

    Story Idea

    Here's a new story idea! Please tell what doesn't sounds good or exciting, I will love to hear your feedback. This game follows a story where a kid who loves horror stories got a chance to go near the castle of Belece. It is a famous talk that Belece has been built years ago, almost 30 years...
  5. Xhizt

    Gameplay style ideas

         So, I need some ideas for how I should design the gameplay for a new rpg idea. I wanted to make an rpg that was mainly story driven, yet I want the actual gameplay to involve the player rather than bore them half to death because the only thing going for it is story depth.      The general...
  6. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Game Idea: Farmer by day, Hunter by night

    I was browsing the forums and this idea popped into my mind. A game where you are a farmer by day and a hunter by night. What do you think? I think it's like Persona 4 where you live as a student by day then go on dungeons by night, just that on this one you're a farmer instead.
  7. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Will you play a Single-Player RPG that has all of these features?

    First and foremost,this is just a question of a curious person. Will you play a single player (typical jrpg-based) RPG (non-open world, and these are definitely not the main ideas where the game revolves around) that has all of these features? - Food is a necessity - Since there is food...
  8. Engr. Adiktuzmiko

    Super Limited Inventory

    Here is what I was thinking: Your character can bring only his equipments, along with a small "battle chest" which can be used to store some more items. So the battle chest will have limited item amounts (items of same kind stack up, but they still count towards the max)
  9. Resource Pack for 50s' USA?

    Has anyone made a resource pack for 50s USA? I'm making a game taking place in that era and I would much like one.
  10. Korimax

    Forget to Remember

    Forget to Remember is mostly just an idea right now, but I need to know what is thought of it. I am not expecting it to be long at most probably 4 hours of gameplay (5 if you include how much I figure I will do cutscenes). Its mostly about the Psychological journey of amnesiac, Felix Anderson...
  11. New idea I just had and now to find out how to do it any help?

     I am trying to make a event that involves 2 monsters and a few Players/NPC's. The event in question is how to make it so that after a certain line of dialouge the 2 monsters teleport into the map and then have 2 NPC's move to them without need of battle, until the player executes a event to...
  12. Sabera2242

    Proposing a new area to post topics

    Another website with not nearly as many users had a forum area under project devolopment called "Work Wanted" Where users would post their skills, and other users would request to use those skills for their projects. I think this is a wonderful idea as it makes project lead's lives easier...

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