1. Atreides

    Can we sticky a suggestions thread?

    Just a thread of features and suggestions by users of the software, and keep it moderated to add and/or remove from the list if said features get added? Maybe ones that are requested multiple times in several other mediums like support and social media could be put towards the top? I have a...
  2. chungsie

    Developing an Ebook Reader with ACE

    So I recently made a lot of progress on an Ebook Reader in ace. it still needs finagling to get things as I envision for it. My question is, what kind of features would people that would use the app for their publishing purposes? At the moment you cannot execute any code with a book, but can...
  3. AquaticChaos

    'Project Color' RPG, should there be regular enemies?

    "10 years ago, you- Aennsi- have lost your best friend in a bloody town witch hunt. Today, the King orders you- a trusted hero- to slay a powerful threat to his kingdom. You will travel forests, to tundras, to deserts, all to find this child killer. But tell me, was it really worth it, knowing...
  4. mlogan

    Changes to Projects Section

    Hi all! We have some changes coming to the Projects section of the forums that we wanted to let you know about in advance. To make things simpler, we are combining the Early Project Feedback and Project Development forums into one – Games in Development. Hopefully this will reduce some of the...
  5. AlwaysPrinceLeo

    Returning Characters or A New Cast?

    Let's say- hypothetically- a game you guys REALLY enjoyed is coming out with a sequel! Of course depending on the plot of the sequel, deciding whether to have new characters or not is limited. Let's say the sequel is going to take place approximately 20 years in the future. The original cast...
  6. Kairnoct

    Where do you like to brainstorm?

    Wanting to make a thread about good places or activities people have found work well to get their ideas flowing. Personally, I have many good story, or otherwise writing, ideas on slow nights at work when there is nothing else to distract me. (Work for me is overnights at a psych facility, so...
  7. GoodSelf

    Name ideas for skill categories

    Hey everyone, I was wondering if I could pick your brain for a moment. I'm looking for additional skill categories that could match or pair up with some existing categories I've made. Ill list them down below.  Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!  Thievery  Natura Battlecraft...
  8. Rpg maker Mv platformer

    Was wondering if anyone has used this have figured out to make a map, pretty cool stuff,trying to figure out how to make spells and alternate bullets and just open ideas?
  9. tabzeethecat

    RPG Horror Plot Ideas

    So I have really been getting into horror rpgs and I really want to make one. But. I'm stuck on ideas. Aaaah. Can someone give me some inspiration? Or ideas of getting some inspiration?  I've been really into games like Ib, Divinity Fatum, Corpse Party, Mad Father, Misao, and a few others...
  10. Ian_Threadwinder

    Queen's Blade type game

    This is my first topic on this site so sorry if it is in the wrong place, but I was wondering if anyone could give ideas or help with an over world of the Queen's Blade World. I am still gathering the resources I need but I am open to ideas. Edit:10/31/2016 This is for the moderator that...
  11. Horror Mechanics

    Alright! So I am currently working on a horror based game, called Fear Nothing. In this game you attempt to stop a world wide Apocalypse created by some Big bad unknown evil. This is inspired greatly by H.P Lovecraft, So I have Implemented, Sanity System- My game has Big Bad Unknown to humans...
  12. chungsie

    Language(s) for games so I have made about 496 translation rules for that so far. But I was wondering if anyone wanted to help develop languages for a game? I can't offer money, or I would post in classifieds. and it's not really a resource request. That particular language has no...
  13. consolcwby

    Need Help With Puzzle Design Ideas

    (I hope I am placing this in the correct forum. If not, I am sorry and please feel free to correct me!) Hi everybody! I'm new to this site and RMMV, but not programming. I am AWFUL coming up with ideas for puzzles and I was hoping if people here could weigh in on some general ideas. It might...
  14. GoodSelf

    A $1.00 Game

    Hello folks! While I'm working on my large, non-commercial game, I've come up with countless ideas for other projects. The idea is, to make a short, commercial game, and only sell it for $1.00 I want to get some community feedback  :D  here are some questions for ya! 1. How long should a...
  15. LuLingqi1

    Weapons inflicting states?

    Is that a good idea? Or do you think it's unbalanced? Also, how would one go about doing that with basic RMMV, or would I need a plugin?
  16. felixelh

    Ideas for unique battle systems?

    Hello! New user here, but long-time lurker. My small group and I have been working on our game, equilibriUm sIxteen, for a while now, and I, the developer, was looking at Undertale and Yume Nikki for battle system ideas. I want to do something kinda unique like the bullet hell and the on-map...
  17. GotMop

    Pre-Order "Bonus" Incentive Ideas

    Throughout my experience, I have always pondered the usage of a Pre Order "Bonus" incentive; when launching a commercial game. In today's age pre-ordering isn't as important nor relevant as it used to be. Regardless, pre-ordering has became an intricate cycle within the game development process...
  18. chungsie


    I haven't found a thread place to suggest ideas for the Maker Engine people. Why is there no consumer-producer feedback loop?
  19. BonnieLass

    Respawning Resources Trouble

    So I want to create a resource gathering system where the resources respawn after a certain number of days, which are kept track of via a variable. I'm stumped as to how to do this though. My solution to the problem is a failure. Basically I set up a system where when a resource is gathered the...
  20. EdCote

    Steal This Idea (2016)

    I have some ideas that I don't think I will actually use so I'll see if anyone might. If you guys want to continue this thread by posting your own that could be fun. Here's my first: A game that is not just in a steampunk theme, but that really lets you dig into tinkering. The main character...

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