1. Evan Finkel

    [Poll finished!] New weapons instead of old

    I don't know this is the right forum to post this. I have a new idea for weapons because I am bored using the old ones. Some of these new weapons includes effects when attacking. Please vote for your favourite, this will help us continue developing our game and improving the weapon you love. We...
  2. William MC

    Methods of travel? Pokemon/Zelda Vs Final Fantasy

    Hey there guys, today I come to you all with an interesting question on opinions. You see I was just thinking about how there are different ways to get around in different games. I've divided these into 3 groups, Constant World, World Maps, & Transporters. Now let me explain the differences...
  3. Future things I'd like to see in RPG Maker and not game mechanics

    I've been using RPG Maker since maybe RPG Maker 95. The maker itself is pretty much the same with things added to game mechanics. But using it as extensively as I do, it feels very cumbersome to use, so I'd like to suggest some things. Database search: You have find functions in the scripts...
  4. [QUESTION] How to make a good and interesting game?

    Hi guys,  I am fairly new to RPG Maker (I usually use VX ACE), and was wondering if some "veteran" could help me in making a good and interesting game? I have some knowledge about events, switches, etc. Please post any ideas and/or tutorials that could help me and hopefully a lot of other...
  5. Purple-Inukshuk

    Help with an execution block?

    Yeah in the starting of my game the protagonist is (once again ^^) being sent to the chopping block. Problem is, I'm fresh out of ideas how to do this, any tips? Here's my nearly empty execution stand, but I need a guillotine... And whatever else comes with it. http://imgur.com/pAz5E52 What...
  6. Silent Darkness

    100% Free to Use Game Ideas/Storyline Concepts

    I thought i'd crack open a fresh thread on here, where people can post any game concepts or storyline ideas that you don't mind anyone else using. Royalty-free, as it would be :3 A communal pool of cool ideas that someone can pick through. Who knows, maybe it will spawn some projects, or even a...
  7. redscores

    Brand new RPG Maker here, got a few Questions.

    Hello, I am redscores aka Fabian Saam. I have been in the "Game Design" Buisness for over 9 years, starting with Warcraft 3 Maps to small attempts at HTML/PHP Abominations. I got the RPG Maker VX Ace on a steam sale and I love the concept and possibilities. So, after obtaining the maker, I...

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