idle animation

  1. Unsure how to change animation for Galv's idle animation plugin

    I recently installed Galv's idle animation plugin for RPGmaker Mv and I have absolutely no idea how to change the character sheet of the animation from walking on the spot to the one I made for that exact purpose. I am quite new to RPGmaker so if you could tell me how to edit it that would be great
  2. KarmaLarma

    [RPGMMV] Slight visual glitch in idle animation sprite

    Heyo! I'm very new to using RPG Maker software (just got MV at the start of the Steam sale) so I'm trying to avoid using the forums too much as I'm still learning all the basics. However, I've run into an odd little problem with a sprite of mine. I should disclose I'm also using the More Frames...
  3. ZirconStorms

    RGSS3 - Custom idle animation speed

    (For Galv’s Character Animations V.2.1 ) How would someone set up a custom speed for the idle animation? (In my case, a slower animation speed). Currently, the idle animation plays at whatever speed is set for the player's movement, which...
  4. ZirconStorms

    [RGSS3] Idle Animation + movement speed

    EDIT: Issue has been solved. To anyone using the script below, change the following lines in the script (line 55 to 62) for a slower idle animation speed. def update_anime_count if moving? && @walk_anime @anime_count += 1.5 elsif @step_anime || @pattern !=...
  5. Cosmro

    Is there a way to set a time for GALV's Character Idle Animation ?

    Hello ! I'm looking for a way instead of triggering a event when the idle animation expires, but to trigger the idle animation after a certain amount of time. I've looked everywhere and there seems to be nothing to support that. Is there a code I could use to set the amount of time standing, to...
  6. Et3rniti

    Enable Stepping Animation on Player (and still move)?

    So I've (sort of) set up an idle animation that plays (currently) after 3 seconds of inactivity via eventing. However, if I try to set a Move Route to turn on the Player's Stepping Animation, they can no longer move, even if Repeat Action and Wait for Completion are disabled and Skip If Cannot...
  7. Songsmith

    Problem with MOGHunter's Idle animation

    I'm using one of Moghunter's amazing scripts to make an idle animation for my character. Specifically, this one - When I use it it works perfectly, except one of the 3 frames is shifted a tiny bit to the left. I've triple checked my PNG...
  8. Pyromantic

    Conditional Branch Scripting

    Hello forums. So I have a bit of an issue - I want to set an idle animation for a character, and I can't get the scripting for it to work. I can't use Galv's idle animation plugin, because my walk cycle animation is seven frames long. So I've been trying to get it to work with a conditional...
  9. Lakaroth

    VIPArcher_Character_Animations (Chinese translation)

    Hello there, i need help to translate a Chinese plugin, i don speak Chinese, with google translator i have understand almost everything.. (i think) In my project i have one important plugin, Analog Move this plugin is amazing, the movement is really smooth even with mouse, but the character...

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