1. Diarist

    VXACE Idle animations for enemy sprites?

    Hi there. I wanted to know if basic idle animations for enemies were a possibility in VXace, either with a script or what have you. Essentially, very short animated gif as the enemy sprite. I really do not want static images for the few encounters there will be. Would like to know if this is...
  2. Gallimed

    Idle/walking/running animation

    Is there any way to achieve that? I'd like to have my characters have more animation than just three frames when walking and running about. Bonus point if i can cycle frames instead of working around it. It would be appreciated if i could also make animation like laughing/climbing...
  3. Unsure how to change animation for Galv's idle animation plugin

    I recently installed Galv's idle animation plugin for RPGmaker Mv and I have absolutely no idea how to change the character sheet of the animation from walking on the spot to the one I made for that exact purpose. I am quite new to RPGmaker so if you could tell me how to edit it that would be great
  4. Mendo

    Boss idle animation...

    Hi everyone, I just started with RPG maker, and I am loving it so far. Now I ran into a problem while wanting to create an Idle animation for a Boss sprite. In short my idea was to cycle through the three images of the Death sprite: In the order 1 -> 2 -> 3 -> 2 -> 1 etc.. So I came up with...
  5. Idle and Walk Animations

    Hello. I would like so much your help guys. So, i know about Galv's Character Animations, however, you have to put the idle, walk and run animation in a sheet of 8 characters. I'm using Galv's Characteres Frames and Gal'vs Diagonal Movement. The problem is that each animation is 8 frames, and...
  6. astergilgamesh

    Custom Battler Sheet Size / Display Idle Weapon Stance

    First of all, my goal is to display the generated characters with their weapon held out while standing in battle, not just when they attack. It's true that old Final Fantasy games did not display their weapons while idle, and that's fine.  But we should be able to do that now if we can force a...
  7. pelvichan

    Player Idling triggers event

    Hello everyone,  I've been trying without success to figure out how to trigger an event while the player is idle for a certain amount of time. So I would like to ask you: Does anyone know of a way to do this either with events or with a script?  As always, Thank you for your time.
  8. astergilgamesh

    Show Idle Weapon Stance in Sideview

    I hope this is easy but I couldn't find it anywhere. How do I make it so my characters or enemy sideview battlers hold their weapon out while standing there? I want the sword to be held out since they're actually in a battle, and not have it magically appear only when they attack...
  9. Vis_Mage

    Actor Idle Animation Script

    Hello! :) I was wondering if someone would be willing to help me with the creation of a character idle animation script? In a sense, I am looking for a simplified version of Galv's Character Animation script, with a few bits of added customization. Essentially, I'm looking for the the...
  10. Idle animation and More Sprite frames

    Hello guys!! I'm new here :D I have a couple of days with RPG MAKER ACE and it's amazing.... I wan't to make a game with HD sprites, but I have a problem... the sprites have more than 3 frames (Walk animation have 12 and the Idle 24...) I found a script for fix that, but now I want to put an...
  11. How do you set an idle sprite?

    I am currently using modern algebra's "Extra Movement Frames" script (here:,46822.0.html) so that I can have four walking sprites, however the script also says that you can set an idle sprite, but I have no idea how to do that. The script is very vague and not...
  12. R-Soul

    Adapting Kaduki Sprites to Galv Idle Animations

    Hi everyone~ Soo out of the blue I found this script, which I thought was pretty awesome, it basically lets you choose different sets of actor images to have different sprites for dashing and idling, as well as running a common event. It isn't that long or hard to figure out how it works, but...
  13. Hiek

    [Ace] Schala Battle (Idle Pose Help)

    Hello, I modified Moghunter's Schala Battle script to allow "_Dead" sprites. However, I don't know how to make a pose command for the Idle stance. Example: "_Idle"  I want to use a pose for when character's are on standby instead of them walking in place. - My Edited Version of the Script -...

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