if statment

  1. Midnight Kitty

    Script keeps returning false

    ◆If:Script:(($gameActors.actor(1).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(4).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(5).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(8).isClass(5).id || $gameActors.actor(9).isClass(5).id)) ◆Jump to Label:Bypass ◆ :Else ◆Text:None, Transparent, Bottom : :\N[1] Is not a...
  2. Yitzi Litt

    "If statement" for switch on?

    Hey! How would I write an "if statement" in javascript that runs if a switch is on or not? It would be in the "rpg_objects.js" file. Thanks! -Yitzi Litt
  3. SergeofBIBEK

    Action Sequence Nested IF

    Action Sequence Nested IF 1.00 SergeofBIBEK Hey everyone! I made a plugin that I think would be useful to hardcore action sequence makers! **Introduction** This is a really simple plugin. It allows you to nest IF statements in action sequences. **How to Set Up** Place this plugin below...
  4. Script help on actors and skills.

    I could use help on another script if any one has time please. I think I'm getting better, but then I run into another one that stumps me. If : Script: $gameActors.actor(5).Skill($gameVariables.value(11), true) $gameActors.actor(5).Skill($gameVariables.value(11), true) So I want it to check...

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