1. AdamSakuru

    YEP Action Sequences - Check for Element Absorption? [Solved]

    EDIT: This is solved. The solution for anyone wondering is this: if (target.result().hpDamage <= 0) [things] end I have my action sequences set up so that targets hit by skills/attacks will go into (and hold on) a shaking damaged pose until they are to act (or until the turn ends). One...
  2. Disruptis

    IF (EnemyWeaponClass) == ?

    If there a way to make an IF statement that is triggered by the enemy's weapon's class? E.g. The "dagger of shadow" has the class "dagger", and the statement is triggered if the enemy has a weapon with the class of "dagger". If possible in js code, what would the variable for the enemy's weapon...
  3. Disruptis

    IF (AbilityUsed) == ?

    I'm not sure if this isn't a thing or I'm just an idiot, but does anybody know how to make an IF statement that triggers when an actor uses a certain ability in a battle? Is there a plugin that does this or am I missing something obvious?
  4. Corfaisus

    Retro games on Steam

    With the release of the Mega Man Legacy Collection, it's raised a question in my heart: if there was any game from back in the day that we could have brought back, what would it be? For me, I think some classic Castlevania would be a welcome inclusion, namely Dracula's Curse (if only because...
  5. Hisao Shou

    Download game's missing files

    I need a plugin or a method to make the game check if any files are missing when game is opened. If there is any missing file, it would begin to download it automaticaly. It's something like (or it is a) patcher. I think that this kind of plugin would make mobile developers life easier.
  6. Jory4001

    Conditional Script Help!

    I have an event with a conditional that needs the "Script" so it can check multiple things at once, If (A < C) && (A > D) Then... I tried: $gameVariables.(26) > 60 && $gameVariables(26) < 81; but I get a syntax error "(" I am fairly familiar with javascript conditionals and have do...
  7. blurymind

    how do you check if a player is moving or not in a conditional branch?

    In a conditional branch, what do we write in the script box to check if the player is moving or idle?  Is there a help file on scripting where I can read more about conditions I can use via scripting? Thank you in advance
  8. omnikeith

    Make a conditional If statement in a Move Route that changes the graphic of the event.

    I want to use a if then statement in the move route of an event to chance the graphic of the event and have it run once so the graphic changes when it switches to an event page and then you can trigger it with the action button. I will have many of these events all wit their own self variables...
  9. Jory4001

    [RMMV] Window Status Conditional

    I am editing rpg_windows.js Around line 2550 there is the Window Status drawBlock1 this is my code: Window_Status.prototype.drawBlock1 = function(y) {     var lineHeight = this.lineHeight();     this.contents.fontSize = 30;     this.drawActorName(this._actor, 172, 48, 300);   ...
  10. Using Scripts in IF statments (Conditional Branches).

    How do i use a script in a Conditional Branch? I tired a few different things but my JS is far to rusty. The pictured section is in a yellow box is my latest attempt. Thanks.

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