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  1. MaverickHunterDBoy

    Climbing Ladders

    I wanted to ask this (especially since when it comes to IG Maker, I'm still kinda new at this :aswt:). But for a future IG Maker project, I want to make a platformer where the protagonist would climb a ladder (be it a ladder with rungs like your standard ladder, or a rope ladder). But none of...
  2. Djongo

    Where is my Product Key for IG Maker

    I ordered the IG Maker today and I got two confirmation emails and neither of them seem to have a product key with them. I can't activate and use my IG Maker until I have this product key. Anyone know where it is?
  3. TmanDaCool1

    Gravity Direction?

    Hello, all. So I've been trying to get into IG maker, but I can't seem to figure out how to reverse the player's gravity. No matter what I've tried, it just doesn't work. Is there any way I can accomplish this? I've tried changing the player gravity variable to -100 (that didn't work) and...
  4. MaverickHunterDBoy

    IG Maker Activation Code Needed

    So I bought the IG Maker yesterday (bought the full version, mind you). But I need the activation key. Searched my email but there was none. Where can I find it?
  5. [IGM] IG Maker crashes on startup in Windows 10

    Hi, some months ago I bought the IG Maker. I installed it successfully in Windows 7, along with the Update to Version and it worked fine since. But after updating my OS to Windows 10 it suddenly started crashing at every attempt to start it. The UI gets loaded and for a few seconds...
  6. marcelox

    IG Maker and RPG Maker, are resources commercially usable from one to another?

    Hi, I have purchased IG Maker with downloaded it's free resources kit and I have purchased RPG Maker MV and I plan on buying RPG Maker 2003.  Can I use the resources from the RPG Maker MV and 2003 on a commercial game made on the IG Maker? Also, can I use the free resources kit that was made...
  7. Naga87

    [IG Maker] Development-breaking issues?

    Hello there! I have a question since I'd like to create a game again after some time. I'd like to go with IG Maker since it's more suited for the type of game I want to do. Unfortunately I read about a critical error. To put it simply, I'd like to ask about bugs that might hinder the...
  8. Gmzeroone

    IGM : How do I Select Character into the Game.

    Hi every body! :guffaw: i'm newbie for IG Maker. I have some question to ask in this Topic. First, I have 3 Main Characters can be selected. (Sample : "Final Fight" see below). I created a display screen " Character Select" and "Stage 1". My question is how can i  Link Character (be...
  9. Where's IG maker's update ???

    http://www.rpgmakerweb.com/support/products/updates Nothing Link's download IG Maker update
  10. Draxxen89

    Damn! no video tutorial...

    i'm new  with ig maker  i downloaded all pdf tutorial but is not enough for me i tried to find on youtube some tutorials but i found peoples showing their project and a english titled video in FRENCH! >:( D:< PLZ anyone give me a link for video tutorials about IG MAKER THANKS in advance! :)...
  11. Respawning Woes

    So, I've gone through all the tutorials twice now. My game is well under way.  I'm having absolutely no luck with respawning in the fashion outlined in the tutorial. On none of my canvases will my character respawn at the link point placed in Flow. She always respawns at the Player Gadget on...
  12. Kricketot

    Wheres my Product Code?

    My name is Evan and I don't know where to find Product code after Purchasing IG maker... Any help please?
  13. EricRoyal

    IG Maker Do Not Start...

    YO, I am new in this site, and I already adapt to RPG Maker VX Ace, so I wanted to taste new spices. So, I start to Download IG Maker. I finishing the download successfully, and unzip all the necessary .zip files. And, I already installed IG Maker on my pc, But, After a Splash, IG Maker...
  14. IG Maker won't work

    'The type initializer for 'ACTKool.FlowPageControls.FlowchartControl' threw an exception. The type initializer for 'av' threw an exception.' I don't know what's going on and the patch keeps failing to update. In fact IG Maker does not work at all despite me installing.
  15. IG Maker won't update

    When I first installed IG Maker it asked for a license key to activate, however I was advised to look in FAQ's and saw I din't need one (if I read it right). However when I tried to update it failed saying something about ControlClassLibrary.dll is incorrect.
  16. Rishabh Varshney

    IG Maker game with vx ace??

    Did somebody knows how to make ig maker game in rmvxace. Because the ig maker is a very long file!!! And my internet speed is 5-15 kbps. Plz help.
  17. Tigersong

    Legend of Zelda games

    Let me start by asking a question. Has anyone successfully created a Legend of Zelda game- complete with hearts and on-map combat- in Ace? I think it would be more practical to do it with I.G. Maker, but I'd like to hear some thoughts. I'm making this project for my younger sister. Since she...
  18. Missing Product Key

    I purchased IG maker from the main website, no product key came in the emails that were sent (order confirmation and the download links). where do i go to find it? P.S. I think it's stupid how I can't go to the main support section on the website to file an inquiry about this because the...
  19. Missing Product key - please help

    I ordered IG Maker last night and was never given a product key so I can't activate the program. I received download links and Paypal confirmations but no key of any description. My order # is R641216170 please help. I've already contacted support but saw that people got responses on here so I...
  20. kirigirisan

    How to make an NPC move with the Player?

    Hello! I'm working with IG Maker and I have my player gadget and an NPC gadget of a friend. For one of my game's stages, I want the friend to match the player's movements (when the player jumps, the friend jumps, if the player walks left, the friend walks left, etc.) I've tried several things...

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