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  1. OmnislashXX

    Omni's IGMC Reviews

    Alright. It seems as if I have some time on my hands while I recover from this stroke. While I'm still developing my own game, it'll be nice to take a break and play some games. So, with that being said, I'm going to post some of my reviews on here. I'm not taking requests to review your game...
  2. ProGM

    RMMV All IGMC2017 votes and results in a spreadsheet

    Hi guys! Since I'm a programmer and I always like to read data in cleaner ways, I created a simple crawler that collected all data from the IGMC2017 results and place the judge votes in a spreadsheet, to see the general results :D Hopefully you can use it to grasp better how your game scored...
  3. Geoff Moore

    Mostly Useless Reviews (Without Ratings) - Latest review: Panic at Casa Corotto!

    Hi all! I'd like to review/give feedback for games without giving them ratings, because I suck at giving ratings. I also kind of suck at writing reviews, but I still want to write them. Oh, and I suck at games, so look forward to that. These reviews will swing between brief and rambling, be...

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