1. Jesse - PVGames

    [IGMC 2015 ]Sector 12

    Download Here! It's all about the Research. Forget cash, gold, credits, whatever... With space exploration comes all the raw resources you need. Research becomes the currency of the future. Sector 12 puts you into the Captain's Chair and it is up to you to gather as much Research as possible...
  2. Guardcraft Games

    [IGMC 2015] Ever

    This is the first game I’ve created, add in the contest time frame, and that is quite the undertaking. Yet I prevailed and I am quite proud to say I made it through the fog, to the finish line, will I cross into the winners circle? Only time has that answer, and the judges I guess… So here it...
  3. Jomarcenter

    (IGMC) Another world the tree of promises

    This is a Competition entry for the IGMC   Another world is a new series written by MJM not related to the currently in development Future helper series. This is also a competition entry made for fun. In the world of Vitania promises can be easily fulfilled by the Tree of Promises as it...
  4. Nivlacart

    [IGMC 2015] MonstroCity

    MonstroCity is a monster-raising, city-building, dungeon crawling RPG Simulation game! You move into your Granduncle's rural village, where he runs a Monster Odd Job ranch. Everything in the village is powered with the help of monsters! With your innate talent to raise monsters, embark on an...
  5. dinkledaberry

    [IGMC] Half-Off Hero: The World Needs Savings

      In foregone ruins there stirs an ancient evil. Sealed long ago, by those now referred to as legend, to prevent future pain and suffering by its hand. Years passed. Then decades. Centuries. Millenia. For ages this dark force plotted and watched and waited for the perfect moment to return. For...
  6. Kyuukon

    ikenie - Now on Greenlight

    Summary: Change your fate...   A 2D action-adventure/puzzle game for PC featuring challenging and unique mechanics, multiple paths, and an original soundtrack composed by Chris Porter (which you can get here). Insert other media Can you change your fate? Credits:  ...
  7. [IGMC 2015] A hole In the Martian Sky

    Story: It is the year 857 on Mars. Humanity has no idea that it was born to another planet...well most of humanity that is. During the celebration of a harvest festival in the town of Asimov, some too powerful fireworks causes a piece of the shield built around Mars to fall to the ground. In the...
  8. BCj

    RMVXA [IGMC 2015] Escalia

    In 1630, the continent of Escalia was cast into turmoil when high king Alexis the Third was betrayed by his most trusted advisor Caelmor. Eventually the Caelmor's reign of terror was put to an end by Olivia Corin and her fellow heroes. The story of Escalia starts 21 years after Caelmor's defeat...
  9. sapiboong

    [IGMC] Stock Trader Hiyo! (Finally released!)

        Presents...         Economic crisis is striking the monster world due to a group of humans called heroes who like to steal loot. As a result, job opportunity is pretty limited and many monsters become unemployed. Our main character, Hiyo, is one of the victims. His professor encourages him...
  10. immatx

    Posting IGMC games

    I was wondering if we are allowed to post our IGMC games on this forum after the deadline for turning in games. I would like to see what other people think of the game I've created. I didn't see anything in the rules that prohibits this, but I just found out about IGMC recently so I might not...
  11. Need Help with IGMC Project

    Hello everyone. I am In need of assistance for my IGMC Project   . I require the following things: Payment: Contact: Further details will be provided upon contact. Thank you for your time.
  12. sapiboong

    [IGMC] Beta testers needed

    As my game is nearing completion, I would like to open recruitment for testers to squash out all bugs in the game. I already have slimmmeiske2 as one of my beta tester (from this thread: http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/42109-igmc-tester-service/) (thanks slimm! ^^), but I would...
  13. slimmmeiske2

    IGMC Tester Service

    Hi everyone! :)   It’s only day 3 of the madness that is known as the IGMC, but I’d like to go ahead and offer my services as a tester/bug squasher. I’ve got some time on my hand (but not enough to actually enter this time), so I’d like to help others out through this way :3   In case you’re...
  14. Caitlin

    IGMC character requests

    I am entering the IGMC, and I am hoping that someone might help me with a character, and face set.  I am looking for a girl character and since I can't afford to pay you, feel free to share this character.  Beatrice Amber Rice Hair color: Dark brown Hair style: Long straight hair parted down...
  15. Jomarcenter

    (IGMC) Project Another World Recruitment

    Project: Another world (IGMC entry) Introduction: Hello this is MJM main developer for the Future helper, Town of illustive series. And I need some help for this project to be successful especially for the project. I already have the game planned out,base story written and now setting up the...
  16. Bonkers

    IGMC material - Badly played music

    I am in need of a simple piece of music a beginner can play from the public domain, such as Swan Lake.  The instrument can be any that is played in a high school band. The piece needn't be longer than a few seconds or 1 min in length.  The music must be terrible and show a distinct lack of...
  17. Seriel

    Unofficial IGMC 2015 Topic!

    Sorry if this is in wrong plae, there isn't an IGMC 2015 Forum :P So this is the place to discuss everything about the IGMC this year, from "Should I compete?" to "Here's my plan." Have fun, and happy IGMC! :)
  18. Dream3r

    (IGMC Game Recruitment) Survival Game

    TL;DR:  I'm making a game for the indie game maker contest, I need help, can you help with either sprite work, environmental assets, or sound design?  Examples shown below. Introduction: I've been working on a large commercial game since February, it's going well but it needs a lot of support...
  19. Dreadshadow

    Waiting for INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST 2015

    So am I the only one so excited for that upcoming event? Will you participate or not. Why yes/ not? What are you guys up to? How do you imagine your participation? Which engine will you use? What DLCs will you use? You got a storyline ready, or are you the kind of people that will make up...
  20. mlogan

    Looking for an artist

    I know this is a long shot, but I figure it's worth a try. I have a non-RPG idea for IGMC, but to pull it off well, I would need the help of a quality artist. Since it's for the IGMC, I really don't want to divulge details of the idea publicly, but the very basic concept is a series of quick...

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