1. Geoff Moore

    Will the IGMC thread and contest page be around 'forever'?

    Was just wondering if the IGMC thread and contest site will be removed at some point? I really hope they won't, but if they will I need to take a bunch of screenshots so I can look back on them in years to come. Thanks.
  2. Deckiller

    2014 IGMC Results!

        Contest Winners Finally Revealed!   The time has finally come! First off, we want to thank everyone for your patience: the contest was far larger than anyone anticipated, and we had approximately 800 games to experience. Many entries were truly exceptional and scored high, proving there is a...
  3. Nuclear Mosquito

    Contest Result Announcement Delay Discussions

    Hey guys Now before you start slamming that keyboard, please read the rules to this thread: Rules: Thou shalt no flame, troll, spam or speak with malicious intent to anyone involved with this post or anyone connected to RPG Maker in any way. This is a civilized discussion, please use this...
  4. Cinnamon

    Betting Challenge: Guess the date & time of the contest results!

    Welcome one and all to the annual Betting Challenge! To enter you must make a bet on an exact date and time for which you think the contest results will be published! An amazing prize is at stake here: everyone who has entered must review the winner's contest entry and explain why they should...
  5. zDS

    Cope Island - A Place To Improve One's Self

    Cope Island by zDS      < Download Here >   "Come and visit Cope Island, where your dream holiday quickly turns into a Beat 'Em Up with your darkest demons hidden in the deepest depths." - IndieIce.com   Estimated Time: 30-60 minutes Genre: Turn-Based RPG   ~ About ~   Find yourself on a...
  6. jtrev23

    So...some games I should play?

    Hi, i'm not a judge, but I still want to play as many of the 700 games as I can, so could you guys tell me some of your favorites that aren't really popular. Thanks. I am a solo dev, and not really acquainted with rpg maker but I entered my game Spirit Realm which is getting an update/extension...
  7. dinkledaberry

    Let's play judge! Top picks for the IGMC.

    Jury and executioner optional. So with the people's choice voting ending today I figure we can take this time to talk about our favorite games from the contest and the ones we had the most fun with! Which games that you played do you feel deserve the top places? Here are my votes- Grand...
  8. Wavelength

    timeblazer - Old-School Action meets RPG Strategy

    ~ CLICK HERE to download it now at the IGMC Contest Page! ~ I created my IGMC entry timeblazer with one primary focus: create unique gameplay that people will truly enjoy playing.  I feel like I got the 'enjoyment' part right, but so far I've failed spectacularly - and I mean spectacularly - at...
  9. outcry312

    Perspective - IGMC Contest Entry - Free-Roam Puzzle Game, Check it out!

    Perspective Hey everyone! Throughout the whole contest I completely forgot there was a forum or anything. Upon discovering, I thought I'd share my game here, since I see other games out and about doing the same. This is my IGMC Entry, and I'm looking for feedback as well as more people to play...
  10. [Non-RPG]

    EDIT: I've decided to make this game private. The feedback provided for this game has been much appreciated! UPDATE: This page is obviously outdated. Shoo! Submission Info: Link:
  11. Scourge of Obscurity

    Hello everyone, I'm kinda new to the forum. I know you're all familiar with the current contest an all so, I thought I would post our game another user and I (kokoraven17) made. I am not asking for any votes it's just that we would like some feedback &/or a review as to what may need working on...
  12. lamont3z

    Would Love Some Honest Feedback

    MAIN THREAD LINK BELOW !! (sorry, don't know who to delete/close this thread) http://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?/topic/29153-nesos-castle-of-promises/ ================================================================== Hello Everyone, This is my RPG submission into the 2014 IGMC, and...
  13. Alkorri

    If you have nothing nice to say... say nothing at all?

    I'm curious what everyone thinks about this, so I decided to post this . As the voting opens for IGMC and you leave votes and comments for the games you like, the question arises: do you leave comments/feedback for the games you absolutely hated? I'm not talking about the games that are simply...
  14. Ultim

    Ultim1337Gamer Reviews !!

    Hi There ! So,I decided to make a review thread to review IGMC games.Please Bear in mind that i'm not a good reviewer,and I hope i'll get better soon.                                                            WELCOME TO               ULTIM1337 REVIEWS !! If you would like me to review your...
  15. Acetonide

    Solo Shooter - v2.00 Now Up!

    Introduction Solo Shooter is a simple Top-Down Scrolling Shooter. It currently features a short story and some other things. Be sure to check out the features list and updated screenshots. Original Introduction- Downloads Information Solo Shooter is a short Top-Down Scrolling Shooter...
  16. Rhaeami

    Pale Echoes

    Hello, everyone!  Now that the development period for the Indie Game Maker Contest is all wrapped up, I've decided to start a humble little topic for my own entry into the RPG category: Pale Echoes Now, I feel like the first thing I should say about the game is that it was made entirely using...
  17. Cronus

    Raven's Den

    Name: Raven's Den Engine: RPG Maker VX Ace Genre: Action/Action-RPG Development: 06/01/2014 to 06/30/2014 Status: Complete Developers: Diovanni Souza, Matheus Dalla Costa, Victor Moura Introduction "You can feel the dirty soil bellow you. Lying down struggling to remember what happened and...
  18. GPR cireneG - Play an RPG from the dark side!

    Hi there, fellow Makers! So I used this contest not primarily to win, but to kinda take a break from my "actual project" and see what's possible with basic RTP assets plus scripts, no parallax mapping, no folderol. And I can't say that I'm disappointed. Try it out, if you will. If you like it...
  19. Silvestre

    Trials and Tribulations [Complete]

    Hello everyone, this is my first game ever, I have little experience with RPG maker, as a developer, but I've played quite a lot of games, and I am always happy to try something new made with this great medium. I hope you guys give the game a try and share your impressions of it here...
  20. rondchild

    Darkness of Hope - Save The Heart of Painful

    Hi guys i want to showcase my team for Indie Game Maker Contest         Title :Darkness of Hope - Save The Heart of Painful Code Project : DoH - STHoP Genre : Short RPG, Comedy, Drama Duration : 30 - 60 minutes Overview   It's the side story of the main project, Darkness of Hope. The...

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