1. pandulapeter

    Space Smuggler

      Hi! :) I just wanted to share my contest entry. I've spent (as I'm sure most of you did too) many sleepless nights working on it, polishing every little detail and now I would appreciate some feedback since I was the only "tester" involved in the development process. If you like it, please...
  2. AnachronicDesigns

    Rogue Story - My submission to the Indie Game Maker Contest

    Update: Rogue Story: Phase 1 Version 1.02 now available for PC, Mac, and Linux Version 1.02 includes important fixes of game-breaking bugs as well as many gameplay tweaks and performance improvements. Hi all! Just wanted to let you know about my submission to the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest...
  3. Tommy Gun

    Recurrence - "Groundhog Day" mixed with social engineering [download + update!]

    Here's my submission! This game will be expanded and enhanced! While this version is a “full game” in that it has a main storyline and an ending, it was always my intention to fill out the rest of the city with people and quests, upgrade the graphics, and release it as a FULL game. Please...
  4. minenschacht

    A Victorian Tale [Released]

        "It is the mid-19th-century. In the turmoils of war two young soldiers flee from the battlefield. Trying to hide they stumble upon an old mansion. Have they found a safe place, or is the true horror only beginning?"   A Victorian Tale is a horror adventure inspired by such games as Silent...
  5. Peace of Mind

    Hello! This is my first completed RPG Maker game. I doubt it'll go very far in the contest, but I had a lot of fun making it, I learned a lot for next time, and I hope you guys enjoy it. For the contest I made a game where you play as a white mage, head into an adventurer's mind, stab off...
  6. aspirestudios

    Eden - Ecosystem puzzle

    Heya everyone, So this is my team's lil' game, the result of a few weeks of agitation and trying to make chaos into order. LINKIE: Eden Description: It's a puzzle game that we hope is quite unlike something you've played before, it revolves around bringing balance to a desert ecosystem and...
  7. nio kasgami

    After the IGMC

    So everyone know the entry for publish our game for IGMC is finish and now we all stress a little  and we all wish in our heart to win the IGMC first price who are 10 000 $ in our pocket!  so the question I wanted to ask... if you win the 10 000$  what you will do with that? myself I had to...
  8. Missile

    Leviathan (Released)

    Leviathan is a monster-training turn-based RPG with permanent death and randomized roguelike elements, providing a different playthrough each time. Most recent version (unofficial contest with fixes) Contest version (requires RTP) (RPG Maker VX does not allow compiling projects with RTP over a...
  9. Yellow_Magic

    Les Visiteurs Dans L'Espace [Download Available]

    Hi guys! Some of you might know me from RPGMaker.net (particularly the IRC channel #rpgmaker.net, where I'm an OP). I know the deadline's in four hours and people are gonna be scouting for cool games, so I thought I'd just spread the word about my own battle-heavy, slightly farfetched entry...
  10. andrew

    In Arcem Miseria - Tower of Misery [Complete and SUBMIT]

    See the submission and download here! About the Project A parable told as a lesson turns into a grim reality for young Benjamin as he must now climb the mysterious "tower of misery". A steampunk-style game of puzzles and exploration, reach the top of the tower and learn the true meaning of...
  11. Almost Lost

    "Almost Lost" is the short story of Prudence, known to her friends as "Jinkies". She is an Elemental  Channeller for I.D.E.A., the Inter-Dimensional Exploration Agency. I.D.E.A.'s mission is to explore other dimensions and assess their potential for resource exploitation as well as any threats...
  12. Tiarali

    Zarov's Curse

    Hi everybody :)  I'm new around here, my boyfriend bought me a copy of RPGMaker VX Ace in the Humble Bundle, so I thought I'd try and make a simple game in time to enter in the competition. My entry is Zarov's Curse, in which a 16 year old girl who grew up on a form is forced to go on an...
  13. TungerMan

    Fly Forever

    FLY FOREVER The worst game ever.   This is the worst game ever made. It has awesome graphics, awesome music, awesome story and characters. It's very long and takes about 6-7 minutes to beat. Fly Forever is a game about a mosquito. Lofmell is a very competitive cat, and your goal is to stop the...
  14. endriu

    Dictionary (Download available)

    presents     DOWNLOAD it from rpgmakerweb.com!     In general: Using technical terms, Dictionary might be described as a "light, story-driven, adventure-RPG". Using non-techincal terms, it is just the first RPG Maker game I managed to work on for more than a week without saying "Oh yes...
  15. Trass

    Painted Heart

    A painted RPG in which you explore the world of a painting and restore its colors. The game is available for download in the following links: RMN Page Contest Page   Art has blessed many people with freedom, expression, and innovation. When a world that cherishes art through the use of the...
  16. MirageV

    Sacred Earth: Promise [GAME DOWNLOAD AVAILABLE]

    ...So yeah. I lurk this place a ton, but this is actually the first time I'm posting. Breaking out of my hermit shell because of this contest I suppose. Feels weird. But anyway, here ya go. This is what I/we've been up to and all that...
  17. lamont3z

    Nesos - Castle of Promises

    Hello everyone, This is my game submission for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. It would be great if I could get some feedback on my game (negative or positive) anything would help. So if you're bored with nothing new to play check this out! :) Also, if you do like it, don't forget hit...
  18. Ms Littlefish

    Hero for a Day (Download Available)

    Hero for a Day Oh, Lord. It's an hour long game. Why be a drag? Game Description Craig remembers absolutely nothing about last night and cannot explain how he wound up inside the video game “Heroes of Breslin.” After being given the honorable “Hero for a Day,” quest he and his new companion...
  19. Tenchizard

    Soul Echoes

    Hi everyone!  I'm one of the developers from Kybele Studio for SOUL ECHOES, our entry into the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. I thought to get some exposure as well as feedback from the community now that our work is done. We have been so busy with this, our first RPG Maker finished project...
  20. MobiusXVI

    Disaster on Aero VI

        CONCEPT You're the captain of a spaceship that's just experienced a serious malfunction. You're now in a race against time to repair your ship before everyone dies!   DOWNLOAD Download the full game (v1.1): here Note: Please open "READ ME BEFORE PLAYING.txt" before playing game!   GAMEPLAY...

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