1. Alkorri

    RTP-made games vs Games with Custom Assets - Fight!

    I'm not sure where to post this, so I apologise to the mods if this isn't the right place. This is my first year with RPG Maker, and my first experience observing a contest as major as the IGMC. My question is, does anyone think a game made with mostly RTP assets can win against a dev who uses...
  2. ??????

    IGMC - Free Scripts 4 You To Use

    Hey there, So, I had a think and decided I would put together a small list of scripts I think would work very well within most RPG Maker projects. Normally these scripts require a fee to use commercially (most of them anyway) Anyway, without further ado... Here are some scripts you can use...
  3. mlogan

    *Scripter* Needed for IGMC game

    Again if this needs to be somewhere else, please tell me, project recruitment didn't seem appropriate based on the requirements there. I'm looking for a scripter who can help me with a few little things. I really don't think to someone experienced it will take long at all, I just don't have...
  4. TheRangeStudios

    Prelude - Act 1 * FULL GAME AVAILABLE *

                  http://www.mediafire.com/download/m3g262cx7hbgptd/PRELUDE-V1.0[FULL-RTP].rar 336 MB FULL GAME WITH RTP    http://www.mediafire.com/download/jdg9dllp8zsbt5a/PRELUDE-V1.0[FULL-NO_RTP].RAR 156 MB FULL GAME WITH NO RTP   Director - Methera   Storyline - Methera  ...
  5. ProGM

    Little Briar Rose

    presenta 1. Introduction Little Briar Rose is a graphic adventure game inspired by “Sleeping Beauty” fable (the Grimm brothers version) and is our entry for the 2014 Indie Game Maker Contest. In this game we’ll play as a brave prince that will try to save the princess, under a spell that...
  6. ??????

    $D13x - IGMC Splash Screens

    $D13x IGMC Splash Screens Dekita Introduction This script was written with the intention of being used within people IGMC projects. (it is not required - just an option) It simply script allows you to have an infinite number of splash screens each with their own duration. All Images are...
  7. Synonysis

    Charon's Sabbath

    http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/138#.U7S7zvldUkQ Hello! This will be my first ever release of a full game. I'm using eventing that is relatively complex for someone of my level, so I am in need of TESTERS! Testers to ensure that my game has working scenes, is bug free, and has...
  8. kartersaint

    The Delusion

    "You are the one who got imprisoned in the chamber without knowing anything about yourself, but what if you made a decision to be free yourself? But what if... the truth behind yourself is gruesome to believe? And... what if...... there are the people who're having absolutely different ways from...
  9. ??????

    RPG Maker Logo Usage Rights?

    Hi, I am just working on my IGMC entry (as most people are right now) and I was wondering... Am I legally allowed to use the image in the spoiler within my RPG Maker Game? I assume so, since I own vx ace, but I figured I would ask :) If anyone official could clarify this, that would be...
  10. valkill101

    The Last Hour of Fairfield

    Synopsis   Last Hour of Fairfield is a survival horror RPG. It's inspired by the likes of Resident Evil and Koudelka for the PS1. In it you choose one of five survivors to play as you venture through the Fairfield Medical Center in hopes to make it to the helicopter waiting for extraction. You...
  11. Cinnamon

    Unraveled - funded on KS!

      Click to go to Unraveled's relaunch!   Hey everyone! Unraveled has launched its new Kickstarter campaign. Please go over there and pledge your support (or support us again if you backed our previous campaign)! Thank you all very very much for your support! We could not have gotten...
  12. LoneWolfDon

    It Lurks! A horror-themed RPG (Chapter One available now)

      Sept.21.2014 * Update: I've improved Chapter One of It Lurks. v1.6 is available to download and play. Download page: http://itlurks.com/chapter1.html You can visit the game-entry page for it on the 2014 Indie Game Maker contest site at: http://contest.rpgmakerweb.com/game/view/id/477 If you...
  13. Quest of a Life - Development [Beta Testing Phase]

    Hello,  Thank you very much for checking this thread and the game; I do appreciate it very much. This my first time participating in a competition and definitely my first time doing something like a log... so here it goes. Let's first start with a link of the demo itself...
  14. The Psicodelia Vampyre: The Preface.

    Hello guys, i want to show you some images of my project "The Psicodelia Vampyre: The preface", I will not give many details about the game because I want it to be a surprise. I hope you like it, and i would really like you to give me your opinion.  The narration will be illustrated with...
  15. Wake: Blooming Lotus Dance

        DOWNLOAD LINK: Will be back once the game is fully updated! Have fun guys! I think I'll keep working on it because a lot of things got changed at the last minute. I hope there aren't any huge glitches Xp Story  A man known as The Walker arrives at a town of silhouettes with one goal: to...
  16. Element Warders

    Element Warders (WIP) Hello, I am a fellow beginning game developer, hoping to make my mark on the 2014 indie game maker contest. My game Element Warders, began as of yesterday 6/13/14, and I thought getting my thread up as fast and as soon as I can would be the best, for feedback so I can make...
  17. RocketKnight

    Archadiem [New Alpha demo available]

        The plot is pretty cliché, it is a young man who decides to go searching for his girlfriend who disappeared under archaeological expedition.   The storyline is very weak, I know that but I will try rewarding gameplay.         I have to thank: Hime, Celianna, Lunarea, PK8, Raizen884...
  18. Clord

    The Clans - Cursed Souls

    Download the Demo Mirror High-Res Lilith Wallpaper High-Res Deaux Wallpaper Demo is out! “Lilith lived so long that her heart turned to stone. She never loved anybody and didn’t care about nobody. Oh Lilith, why you killed that stranger they wonder, as your teeth were soaked in the blood of...
  19. Polite Whale

    The Farming One [Finished!]

    It seems that you just bought a new farm. Congratulations! It’s located right next to a town whose people fled from a group of bandits. Bring them back by assuming your place in the capitalism world and buying stuff to help you buy more stuff! What a round business! The Farming One is a fast...
  20. Sloshy

    Super RPG Game - A JRPG Satire

    I have a confession to make: I'm not that big of a fan of JRPGs. A game like that has to be really good before it actually makes an impression on me since so many of them seem so stereotypical from a glance, even if they try having unique systems and implementation. When I saw this contest, the...

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