1. legacyblade

    Sin Unsullied (FULL GAME RELEASED!)

    Five days until the world ends. Dreams may be a result of sentience, but where does sentience come from? There is another world that doesn't exist in the traditional sense of the word. Before this world drew close to humans, they were little more than tool-grasping apes. But with the gift of...
  2. Dark Gaia

    Mythos: The Beginning

    Dark Gaia decides to attempt to make a good game in a month. What could possibly go wrong?                                                                           Introduction   Mythos: The Beginning is a survival horror/adventure role playing game based on the pulp-horror and monster movies...
  3. mlogan

    IGMC: Daily goals/progress thread

    Since so many of us are finding motivation in posting our daily goals and updates of those goals in the status updates, I thought it might be nice to have a single place to post over the next few weeks. My goals for today are to continue to work on the puzzle I am creating. Progress with it is...
  4. lemongreen

    Indecisions (that's seriously the title)

    Had to unfortunately scrap my original game idea (I'll still keep the stuff for it at the bottom of this post unless that seems to be too cumbersome) Instead, I working on a visual novel style game (it's turning somewhat like a choose your own adventure story) Considering there's not really a...
  5. FuriousGamer87

    Super Nuclear Riders

    This is a super sentai isometric tactical RPG where you commanded a team of bikers with their nuclear-powered suits to defeat Raptor Czar and his minions. Inspiration of this game theme and feel will be largely based on Studio Trigger's principals previous works and their most current one, Kill...
  6. mlogan

    Drawing of artifact needed

    Hi wonderful RM community! I am looking for an artist willing to help me out. A part of my entry for IGMC will surround a legend of a lost artifact. (So not cliched at all.  ;) )  Anyway, I was hoping someone would be interested in helping me out by drawing a picture of the artifact. (I can...
  7. InterloperGames

    Interloper (Download available!)

    Interloper This game is a standard JRPG. There is nothing interesting about this game.   Or there wasn't... until the Interloper arrived. Things have changed in this game's world, the Hero is nowhere to be seen. The arrival of this Interloper has made an impact and the flow has been...
  8. Vexed

    The Ironbound Heart

      Basic Information   Zelda Clarke and The Haunting of the Ironbound Heart - or just The Ironbound Heart if you prefer - is an Adventure/Puzzle game set in 1920s England. Inspired by Victorian ghost tales and detective pulp novels, The Ironbound Heart tells the tale of a young Mystic called...
  9. ??????

    Earth Under Attack - [ v1.1 Available !! ]

      Earth Under Attack is a 2D Side-Scrolling strategical Spaceship Shoot-Em-Up being developed using the RPG Maker VX Ace Engine. The VX Ace Engine has also been dramatically enhanced by pairing it with various systems / scripts from my own $D13x Script Engine. In doing this, it not only...

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