image based

  1. Keybinding pop up images dependant on variables?

    Heya folks! (Let me know if this isn't possible using events, if it's not then I'll send this over to the JS boards) So, basically I was wondering if there was a way to have an image (dependent on variables) appear by the press of a button? To be more specific, the idea is this: Basically I am...
  2. Alexander Hawksmoor

    Unable to change enemy images

    Bit of a weird one but I decided that Avery's bats looked better than the rtp ones so I downloaded the sprites and battler to use in my game. The sprite works fine, but the battler image won't work for some reason and it continues to use the rtp bat image regardless of the fact I've deleted it...
  3. Praygon

    Generator parts showing up wrong

    Hey everyone. So here's the problem im getting. Iv been adding new parts to the generator. I thought I had the numbering pretty much figured out but after trying to add more accessory's (EJ's Emotion Generator Parts to be exact) they appear out of order and have the wrong graphic icon...
  4. Sixth

    Image Grid Menu - v1.4 (27/05/2016)

    - Script: - Add-ons: Main Menu Command Add-on: This add-on lets you add command buttons for your main menu which will lead you to your grid menus. You can add multiple buttons which can lead to different types of grid menus. - Demo Not planned, sorry! -...
  5. Sixth

    SME - Sixth Menu Engine - v1.2 (03/07/2015)

    #=============================================================================== # * [ACE] SME - Sixth Menu Engine #=============================================================================== # * Made by: Sixth (, # * Version: 1.2 # * Updated...

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