image cache

  1. ABandit

    SMRD Menu Backgrounds - loading pictures when starting

    Hi there! I'm using a plugin from SumRndmDde called Menu Backgrounds. The plugin allows me to change the backgrounds of various menus; when starting the game, however, occasionally the background pictures don't load, and an empty black background is displayed instead. I've solved this issue...
  2. Akrib

    Unload specific images from cache/ Cache Organisation

    Hello everyone, I searched a lot, but it seems like this has never really been adressed properly: Is there a script-call or a plugin to unload specific images from the image-cache? This should be an important question for a lot of parallax mappers. I know that there is the automatic garbage...
  3. Akrib

    Cache and garbage collection

    Hello everyone, I've searched almost everywhere but couldn't find any deeper explanations on the function of the cache and garbage collection of the rpgmaker (mv). I am currently working on a project which relies heavily on the use of parallaxes and overly images. Because of this it is very...
  4. AdamSakuru

    A question regarding image caching.

    When I tried to use a combination of show picture and wait to animate images, there was a flickering between them. I did some looking around and saw someone explain that it's because MV handles the process differently than ACE. I was told this syntax would prevent that if I used it to call on...

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