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  1. Plug-in for Menu that Adds an Image Depending on Variables?

    Heya internet! So, I've been using RPG Maker MV for a project of mine. However, I suck at programming menus! :kaocry: I did a post somewhere, and they said I'd probably need a plug-in, so here I am! My game uses some really important variables to track stuff done in-game, things like Morality...
  2. SOLVED: Can't find a plugin to show a picture in shops

    Hi ! I'd like to add a large picture of the salesman/saleswoman & his/her shop when you're in the shop menu (preferably an image that you could change for each different shop) , but I think I searched everywhere and couldn't find it. If it exists, it would be great if it was compatible with (or...
  3. battle and image

    Hi. Guys. I do not like English very well because I use a translator. I do not know if the question is right here on the board. MV is used. When battle, attack, or use skill, I want the image to be represented. The image size should be large. Is there a plug-in that makes it possible? thanks...
  4. DoctorArtist

    [ACE] Images Behind All Menus - A Request

    I'm looking for a script that can show images behind menu scenes. But it isn't as simple as it sounds. I've come here to post as a last resort. I'm not looking to work just with the base engine's menus/scenes. I'm looking for compatibility with custom scripts out there. CSCA scripts...
  5. Image display on screen until button(s) are pushed.

    I want to make it so that its detected which buttons you move with and so that the image of arrowkeys or wasd keys don't get removed until the player moves/uses them, for my tutorial. any ideas on how to set up an event like that? Also I want it to depend on if the player is using wasd or...

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