1. DK

    Images During Message - Allows you to display images during dialogs using special characters.

    Title: Images During Message Version: 1.0.0 Author: DKPlugins Description: Allows you to display images during dialogs using special characters. Compatibility: RPG Maker MV: 1.5+ RPG Maker MZ: 1.0+ Features: Display images with special characters during dialogs. Ability to hide the image...
  2. Image infinite scrolling

    There is a plugin for infinite scrolling of a seamless image on the screen so that I can stop it at any moment? For example, in my visual novel, the hero walks through the forest and I want the forest to scroll endlessly until a certain point, until the hero stops.
  3. Trihan

    RMMZ Best practice for image-intensive custom scenes?

    So one of the ongoing commissions I have at the moment is a menu overhaul for a game, and it involves a lot of visual elements for window backgrounds, face frames made up of several separate images, several possible images that represent different command selection states etc. The way I did it...
  4. Geeguz

    Failed to execute "getImageData" on "CanvasRenderingContext2D": The source width is 0

    So this screen comes up anytime I try to enter the battle scene with a custom character made is srd's custom character createrEX. I do have a number of srd, yanfly, himeworks and other etc. plugins downloaded, can ask about that if you need more info. It seems to me the error has something to do...
  5. RMMV Show image in inventory when item is selected/highlighted

    I'm looking for a plugin [or eventing method] to show a different image depending on what item in the inventory is selected/highlighted, having a different 'item image/preview' show up in the corner of the inventory for each item. Basically, an image with a corresponding variable/id to the item...
  6. .png Enemy Sprite not showing up in the editor

    When I try to import a custom enemy sprite and try to preview it, it just shows an empty grey void. This is annoying because I can't adjust the enemy position in Troop since the sprite is not shown. Is there any way to fix this? The sprite is shown in the actual game, and I made sure it was a...
  7. Angelus197

    Busco un pack de enemigos en batalla / I am looking for a pack of enemies in battle

    Quiero un paquete de recursos con sv_enemies y algún otro sprite enemigo andante. Debe haber dragones, enanos, elfos, señores oscuros, bestias, todo tipo de seres mitológicos, animales salvajes, bandidos, soldados... Ya tengo muchos recursos de RPG Maker MV y algunos DLC que he comprado, pero...
  8. KawaiiKid

    RMMV Galv image bust flickering.

    Whenever I use this plugin to add busts they will randomly show for a 1/4th of a second, disappear, then appear again. At first I thought it could be yanfly's message core, but disabling that does nothing. Next I thought it could be image cache, so I used an image cache addon to load all the...
  9. Change Picture's layer

    Hi, i'd like to make animations in battle using videos. When you use a spell it would use a common event. I made a quicktime common event. A chain command (when you need to press buttons, and if you press all the buttons the attack will be succesful). I animated the attack as a video and the...
  10. Distancio

    RMMZ [SOLVED] How to load a picture inside a window?

    I've read through this from the thead (How to display an image in a window?): Window_Base.prototype.drawPicture = function(filename, x, y) { var bitmap = ImageManager.loadPicture(filename); this.contents.blt(bitmap, 0, 0, bitmap._canvas.width, bitmap._canvas.height, x, y); }; but can't...
  11. Mercedes90

    Image glitches with the Event Movement Route!

    See the gif? Yeah, glitching - Images are not running smoothly as expected. I've made some of my own in-game TV screens, monitors, and ads with Adobe Premiere Pro. It turned out promising at first when things went smoothly during a few experiments, but the more I add these kinds of events on the...
  12. "Show Picture" command not working (after "Play Movie" fails too)

    Hello, everyone! I had a game that was finished, published, and working just fine. It had three videos at the end: a good ending, a bad ending, and credits. But then I made some changes to earlier parts of the game, that seemed totally unrelated to the video files I had, only to realize that my...
  13. Resizing the battle sprite in side view

    I want the player character to stay pixelated so I drew her small, but in battle, she appears way too small. I didn't make her animated, is there a way to resize her in the battle screne without changing the actual image itself?
  14. [CLOSED/SOLVED] RPG Maker MV Load-up Image

    So, you know when you start running RPG Maker MV, it shows an image with some characters on it, right (like a logo, I guess; not good at explaining stuff lol). Anyways, I'm curious about whether you can change it or not.
  15. 48Tentacles

    [Help, GENE] Where do I store the images to use with GENE? *SOLVED*

    I'm having a problem when it comes to using images and folder directories with GENE. I'm sending you a screen capture. In this image, I click on the grey space I've marked with a green mark. Then a window opens, but there is nothing stored in there, as I marked with a red mark. Where do I...
  16. ovate

    Replace a Window with an Image/ Windowskin

    WindowBackImage - Version 1.5.1 (2021/01/30) Creator name: Triacontane Overview Replace windowskin with an image Note: Image file has to be inside img/pictures folder. Features - Replaces the window with an image of your choice. - The original window frame will be hidden. - Parameters...
  17. holyratchels

    Blurry fonts in the game

    Not clear fonts in the game, tried to connect a different font all the same, the edges of the text / font are blurry. 1. Picture from the game 2. Picture and Photoshop
  18. ovate

    Fast Forward Animation in Battle [MZ]

    MPP_FastForwardAnimation.js - 2020/12/26 (ver. 1.0) Creator name: Mokusei Penguin Overview Allows you to accelerate animations in battle. This plugin is for RPG Maker MZ. | Note: It's actually a battle speed-up plugin. ▼ Fast Forward Type 〇 long press - Press and hold the Ok or Shift button...
  19. Derahex

    How does Ruby/RGSS3 find files?

    Hi. Trying to modify a script to change the location/path it looks for image files. The default location is Characters, and that will not do. It'll cause clutter from an inordinate amount of image files in a single location. I'd like to change this to its own custom location, but would settle...
  20. ovate

    360 Panorama

    MSPanorama - 2019/09/17 (1.0.1) Creator name: moriya shige Introduction Adds a 360-degree panoramic distant view. This plugin uses Three.js, a library for creating 3D content with WebGL, but does not work with something that don't support WebGL. Features - Parameters to store variable in X or...

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