1. subengari

    RMMV Most effective way to wait for ImageManager.loadBitmap to completely load an image?

    Behold the following JS snippet: It works partially upon execution, running the script commands between the bmp.isReady clause for a few of the PNGs that I am processing... however a good chunk of other PNGs aren't processed at all. Is there someway to completely wait for...
  2. zerobeat032

    Getting images to be read from different locations...

    So I figured out a while back that I could have Image Manager look for stuff in set locations. IE I needed it to look for SV actor files, but since I'm using YED, it doesn't read them right. so I made normal versions of the the SV actor sheets and put them in the Pictures folder. Then I used...
  3. Akrib

    Cache and garbage collection

    Hello everyone, I've searched almost everywhere but couldn't find any deeper explanations on the function of the cache and garbage collection of the rpgmaker (mv). I am currently working on a project which relies heavily on the use of parallaxes and overly images. Because of this it is very...
  4. Ellie Jane

    Layering images together in one bitmap

    Hi, I am trying to use Bitmap blt to layer some images together. Specifically I'm doing this in Sprite_Character.setCharacterBitmap so that I can create some layered character graphics. It's not working however; the bitmap loads the skin image successfully, but doesn't get any further than...
  5. WickedWolfy

    ImageManager: Load vs Reserve vs Request

    Greetings, colleagues, Could someone take a moment and explain to me the difference between the three different operations of ImageManager please? I have walked through the functions and have a basic understanding of the functionality, but use-cases escape me. Just to make it more specific, I...
  6. Doktor_Q

    Loaded sprite starts with 0 x 0 dimensions?

    I'm trying to load a sprite sheet using ImageManager.loadCharacter so I can check the image's dimensions, but the first time I try to load the image, the resulting bitmap object has a .height and .width of 0. This happens for all the other resources the game loads, the first time- if it tries to...
  7. wrigty12

    Help: width or height properties of a bitmap/image?

    I am trying to retrieve the value of the width/height of a picture that I import with ImageManager.loadBitmap. When I try the following code in the game console, it works just fine: ImageManager.loadBitmap("img/pictures/puzzle/", "Castle").width; However, once I try to set the exact same...

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