1. Keegs

    If you were an untouchable criminal, what would be your first gig?

    I am 90% certain that a lot of people on this planet wish they could score a big hit at a bank and be reading books in the Bermuda Triangle, or scam thousands into a pyramid scheme, or avoid taxes - if life's gotten to you that bad. If you were an untouchable criminal, what would be your first...
  2. MirrorEdge

    New on Forum. sharing personal Art Assets .

    Hello there ! David from France, just purchased RPG Maker yesterday & i love it a lot !. Mostly interested in Pixel Art & Character design but will surely make my own game one day . . . Here are some personal art i did with photoshop & on paper . Enjoy...
  3. FuryDr00d

    Am I lacking imagination?

    For the life of me, I can't think of names for towns! Or anything,as a matter of fact. Monsters, People, Castles, Worlds, Spells. Nada. I don't know how to have a "system" for naming things. Is anything else having this trouble? Does anyone mind sharing their "system"? I'd greatly appreciate it.
  4. Knighteriius

    If you could be anything you wanted for the day what would it be?

    Howdy doody! :D So! Just as the name asks! What would you be if you could be anything for a day? I think I'd be a......rabbit in a suit with a top hat and a fob watch cause that rabbit sounds stylish (Alice in Wonderland doe o.o) hehe gotta love that rabbit-tastic lifestyle. 
  5. Kevin O'Ryan

    The Sakata's Legend - Source File and Details -- Critiques Wanted!

      "Dare to enter, a Dream World in its dark era!" Non-Commercial game in development by TKZ Productions!   Website - HERE   UPDATE: I do apologize for not updating, I have been working on a new album and lost focus on the game. However, I have returned and I will be posting a new demo soon! --...

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Todays Lesson: Tiles are a pain to make xD
The game is not even 2% complete, but i just wanted to release something for funsies. :)
It's on my google drive.
It would be awesome if i could get a couple ideas and the like!
So yesterday Dad took me to Volcano Bay, and it was almost ruined by a thunderstorm... then it passed by and the lightning warning got lifted, leading to an awesome time sliding and swimming. Hopefully we get to go to the arcade tonight. The one we're planning on has a restaurant built in with AWESOME food. Not to mention how big the arcade itself is!

Maybe I'll actually try making a retro pack. Already have the shark fin made so why not xD
Hey everyone, for everybody following along with my RPG Maker MZ streams: There will unfortunately not be a stream tonight. There is a big exciting event that will go live next week that has been taking all my time, so look forward to that!

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