1. KrimsonKatt

    Issues making a boss?

    So in my game one of my bosses has a couple mechanics I've planned out that I can't figure out how to implement. Basically, at the beginning of the battle the boss (Likho) uses a skill called "Waking Dream" which inflicts a state that makes the battler inflicted become immune to all damage as...
  2. Verdelite

    Immunity from visible map encounters after battle

    Hello, I am implementing on-map encounters using Yanfly's Event Chase Player plugin. The problem that I've run into is that if the player is being chased closely by two or more events and engaged into battle, then if the other enemy has already reached him as well, the player will be engaged...
  3. Kes

    Granting immunity to terrain damage?

    I would like to give one of my characters immunity to terrain damage, but cannot find a way to do so in the data base.  Am I overlooking something, or do I need to go for a script solution?
  4. Help Making an Instant Death Skill?

    Hi all, I am at my wit's end. I am trying to create a move that instantly KOs, whether the target is an actor, or an enemy. That being said, I want to create an accessory that grants immunity to instant KO. This works, but in battles, my actor wearing the accessory does not die, be it to...

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4 main factions and a very rough exploration of their iconography :o

Some are aligned with the Moon, while the others are aligned with the Sun.
After taking yesterday off I finally made the sprites of the boys of the main trio.



Dolph(might fix his hair that the blue color is more clear in the sprite)

Also fixed eliza's sprite:

At last here they are ingame:
i've started the second game
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i'll be sharing a lot of stuff, sort of a developer log
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