1. Help w/ Nostalgia Pack on MV

    Hello. I recently purchased the Nostalgia Pack from Steam for my MV project. It's my first time using such a pack, so please forgive me if these questions seem silly. Mostly everything was working well as far as importing and setting up the tiles, battlers, window, sprites, etc. However, the...
  2. Need some basic help with Enemies resources

    Greetings to everyone first off. I am new to both RPGMaker MV and also to PVMAKER resource packs. They look awesome by the way. Great investment IMHO. Being a complete newb to all this I have, what I can only assume, is probably a basic question. Let me start by saying I sought and watched video...
  3. Jack_Gram

    Grid Help

    Last night I fixed my art asset issue so now I'm ready to import my character into my game! I know I need a canvas size 576 x 384 The sprites have to be 64 x 64 Is there like a grid or program I can use to make this easier??? Im trying to line up the sprites by free hand and it is not going...
  4. AllyJamy

    Importing large sprites properly

    So I've made a tank sprite, and naturally the sprite is much larger than a normal character. and I've fitted the sprite into an incredibly large sprite sheet used for a ship. and I can't line them up properly, as when i drive the tank it will swivver from side to side. (I assume this is because...
  5. Importing maps

    I recently downloaded some maps via the workshop and i cant get them into my game no matter what i do. i tried looking at the old post about this but it didn't help at all. please someone help, i'm really confused.
  6. FireFistAceG

    Need help with importing sprites

    So I made recolored Damaged sprites for two of my actors. I tried to import it with $ and/or ! but it doesn't fit. This is my first time importing something I made.  What am I doing wrong and how do I fix it?
  7. King Bowser

    Problem with importing tilesets

    Hi, Whenever I try to import a tileset, it always ends up getting scrambled. For example, take a look at what happens with this "Castle" tileset below. Is there anything I have to do to the images to get them to work? Thanks
  8. Fictionary88

    How do I import characters if their sprites are smaller?

    I'm a total noob to this program, but want desperately to become a game designer. Anyway. I have a set of sprites ready for my main character (their walking animation, anyway), but they're smaller than the sprites the game comes with. I could alter their size to fit into the standard...
  9. How to Import Weapons (Not Icons) into RPG Maker MV

    So I figured out how to import custom icons; by lengthening the original icon sheet, but how do you import actual weapons like with slash animations and whatnot? I tried doing the same thing and edit the original file in Photoshop but the layer won't unlock. How is this supposed to be done?  
  10. Nezeru

    Importing Single .png Tilesets

    Hello friends, I'm new to RPG Maker MV in general and wish to use some AX tilesets. So far, I've already converted them to 48x48 size but have no idea how to import them properly into A1, A2, A3, B, C, D, etc. since they're just single images as opposed to the base tiles which are already...
  11. MrDaisy

    issue with importing Maps

    Dear all, i imported my VXA project into MV using the script, plus copying over all the data, however the maps are not as it suppose to be... do i need to resize my Tilesets ? kindly assist, Thanks & Regards.
  12. Is there a way to import levels?

    Me and my friend are trying to make a game with rpg maker mv and I wanted to know if there was a way I could add his made levels to my game, so we can export it as one game.
  13. Help with a sv_enemie's importing

    I'm brand new to RPG MAKER MV and I'm having problem editing this sv_enemie. I've assured that it is png and it has a transparency, but when I copy to de sv_enemies folder inside my project it is not showed inside the software's database. Does anyone knows what is causing it? I was able to copy...
  14. Tileset Importation Error

    I made a partial tileset to help me test the importation. I have two questions. One, how can I make tilesets compatible with the A-Section instead of just B-E? Two, I have a problem. Every other tile in the tileset works except the first one and all of the tiles I have done before with just a...
  15. littlegreenjason

    Issues importing OSM tilesets in VX Ace

    Hi all,   I bought the old school modern sets recently and wanted to do some work with them but I can't seem to import them properly.  They seem to look ok when I import them into the resource manager but when I try to use them in an actual project I get these weird colored tiles that look...
  16. Zazu

    Importing a tileset the right way?

    Hi there, i'm having a little issue. I want the tileset (seen in the screenshot) to work as an event, but only the part on the bottom. Basically what I want is the waterfall to be an event with stepping animations. How can I do this? Since the Maker cannot capture the waterfall as one...
  17. GIMP help, behaviors of the different graphic 'types' when imported

    Ok so I am trying to edit some tilesets/graphics/etc into sheets that would work with the events system. But files under the 'Characters' Graphics file seem to have some kind of formula to it. I looked around but didn't find an answer. So my questions are: How does the prefix affect the...
  18. BlackRoseMii

    Question about Victor's animated battle system

    I'll make it short: I wanted to use Victor's animated battle system for my first game and unfortunatly I don't understand a thing Oo I just don't know how to import the graphics. Or rather, I don't know what file it should be (gif or a normal png like the normal sprites. And if it should be...

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