1. Rafael_Sol_Maker

    Suggestion Just another rant from a RM veteran + Suggestions and Solutions

    Hello there! To be clear, this topic isn’t directed to English staff we got here, admins, mods, translators, none of them are to fault here. They did a wonderful job and created a very awesome community around. I love all of you, guys. This one is directed to the ones who made the software and...
  2. RetroBoy

    [Improvement] Tie Attributes to Actor instead of Class

    Description of the Feature: Its probably just me but I'd like the ability to the Actor Tab and tie stats gained per level in the Class Tab. It is probably just a personal preference but I thought, why not ask. I am probably not the only one that has had the idea of adding +2 or +3 stats per...
  3. RetroBoy

    [Improvement] Enemies as Actors

    Description of the Feature: The ability to check a box and change the enemy tab to be like an actor. Primarily the ability to equip Enemy's with Weapons, Armor and Equipment. As well as provide them with Equipment Slots, levels (as per Class) and scaling attributes if you so desire. Also a...
  4. RetroBoy

    In Game Map/HUD Building

    Description of the Feature: I wish I had screenshots but I am pretty sure the Powers That Be will know what I mean. So let me elaborate. I have seen plugins that allow you to build maps in game with full freedom. You want a scarecrow between two squares, just click and there he is. Voilla...

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