1. [MV + MZ] In-game editor plugin

    Hello, everyone. We're a lot to find the RPG Maker program very useful, but hard to manage, mainly because the program doesn't include any means to fix a bug with the game currently played. Also, if the notetags allow to extend parametrization of the database, it is very complex to verify if...
  2. NatuElChido

    Associating JS Variables to In-Game Variables

    Hello Everyone, I have a little problem. You see, Im making a Casino in a city-like Town, for this, I find a really cool Script: This script is very nice, it actually makes a full customizable slot machine, this is what i came out for the mine. But I have some issues: The most important, this...
  3. Lapraniteon

    [RMMV] Execute event commands while displaying text.

    Hi. I've been searching for this for a while now but couldn't find anything that worked. So basically I want RMMV to not wait with executing commands until a text message is finished displaying. I want the program to continue the event while the text is busy displaying. Is there any way to do...
  4. jria

    Character navigator

    Does someone here  knows how to have this plugin ? Where you can see the HP, MP and EXP Status of your character.
  5. SumRndmDde

    SRD Character Creator

    Character Creator by SumRndmDde Version 1.00 What This Plugin Does: Essentially, this plugin adds an in-game character generator. It allows players to create a character by selecting various pieces from various categories and they can be assigned to certain Actors to be...
  6. gamebuilder101

    In-Game Map Creator?

    I was wondering if there was a way to make an in-game map maker? Something like Mario Maker where you could maybe place multiple types of already coded events and draw out different map tiles, and than you could play in your own map. Maybe you could even save the map to play later? Is that...
  7. How Would DLC In-Game Work?

    Please note: I am NOT referring to making a pay-to-win style of game or other such things. I despise games like that. The question is relatively simple: How exactly would I make it so the player could purchase additional content for a game? I'm assuming the purchasing option would need to be...
  8. Tralse

    FPS Counter

    Hi there! I have a script already that displays the FPS on the screen in the upper left corner, but it is kind of obtrusive and it takes you out of the game. Is there some way that I could include an FPS counter into the border? Like where the name is, or just a better way to display it. Here...
  9. Shinma

    In-Game Tutorials

    More just chatting about them than anything else. I am sure we all do them differently. Do you split yours up? Give them all to the player at the same time? What do you include, basics stats or only things that are a little different for your game? For my current project, I have it broken into...
  10. In-game saving game isn't working

    I have a game that some friends are testing for me, and the first thing they told me was that I have a bug with saving the game. I have tested this out as well and when I go to save the game it wont let me save. This is playing the game outside of rpg maker, after I installed the game outside of...

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