1. bishiba

    RMMZ Changing the position of actors in sideview.(SOLVED)

    So I do not understand why, but for some reason they either decided to allow for screen size changing via RTP but didn't add an option for SV_actors positioning or it just doesn't work for me, for whatever reason. When there is a fight, the actor goes to the middle of the screen, probably to the...
  2. chumon

    Yanfly Weapons Animation crashing

    Not sure whats wrong at all. I've been through every bit of posting that I can find on this and nothing is exactly whats happening here. So Everything is set up to accept this wooden sword. I've got it made in the 288x64 size. I've got it in the folder....as you can see. It's set to take...
  3. Lord Vectra

    Can't do it in one run?

    I'm currently working on my XP project. I'm adding guilds and all that jazz and some of them have requirements of joining and them requirements may get higher and higher as you get deeper in the guild. I'm thinking of going with "you can't be the leader of everything" approach meaning you'll...
  4. 22pepperjack

    help me find these lines please? (MV-Yanfly)

    so I've been searching all morning, like 5 or 6 hours now. and I cant for the life of me find the lines of code I'm searching for. I think I've narrowed it down though. if anyone could help me find which lines these specific bits of code are on I would greatly appreciate it. I have Yanfly's...
  5. Issue with maps not showing in editor.

    Recently opened a game I was working on and all the maps have gone from the editor menu. When I play test the game it still works fine and all the files are in the right place they just do not show in the editor anymore and I can't figure out why.
  6. AdamSakuru

    Reset "Total Play Time" While In Game?

    I evented a custom title screen and have it so that the default title screen is skipped over (it goes straight to a map where my title scene plays out.) The thing is, if the player wants to return to the title screen mid-game or through a game over, it'll go to the 'default' one (hitting 'New...
  7. Omarproductions

    [HELP] How display a variable in a text window using scripts.

    Hey guys, I wanna know how do I have a variable show in a text window using scripts?
  8. RoadKillCandy

    Looking for a Minimap plug in

    I have gone through 4 or so plug-ins today each has had a game braking error happen to me, I'm looking for a different plug-in from these or a way to fix it. I also don't want to use a plug-in(s) that have me save images of the map, because one that will make the game larger and two that will...
  9. AksawShin

    Screenshake in Skill

    To put it simply, i want something like an Earthquake skill. I've tried doing the common event for a skill, but the skill get's casted and then the common event plays right after. I would like to have the screenshake in the middle of the animations and would like control over the speed, power...
  10. Lunarcomplex

    Script for End Current Turn in Battle?

    I would like to create an auto battle system, similar to inflation RPG. You encounter an enemy and you attack first, then they attack, and it repeats, you don't really have any other options. In order to do this without plugins I'm trying to force the player to attack which can be done with an...
  11. Skotty TV

    [STV] Plugins | Newest: DamageFace | Plugin Count: 4

    [STV] Plugins Newest: STV_DamageFace Latest Update: STV_DamageFace Current: 4 Plugins   ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------   STV_DamageFace | v1.0   STV_ClassSelector | v0.7...
  12. Mr. Trivel

    Invisible Events In (or out of) Range

    Name: Invisible Events In Range Version: 1.0 Author: Mr. Trivel Created: 2016-01-28   What does it do? Allows events to appear or disappear depending how close the player is.   Screenshots:   How to use? Use...
  13. MeowFace

    Fade in Short Text

    Made for a request here. This script make uses of the map name window and let you display short texts with it that fades in and out just like the map names. So you may use it to display achievements, chapters or any other short texts you like. Features: Short text that fades in and out...
  14. immacksg

    Zoom Script Help

    So I've been working on a game, and I've been told that it needed to be zoomed in, so I found a script, and it worked! Sorta... As you can see in the here GIF, the game crashes constantly, and the map transition is extremely glitchy. Are there any Vx Ace scripters who can help with this...
  15. Dacuna

    Diagonal Movement and In-Depth Maps Glitch

    Hello, I've been using FenixFyreX's In-Depth Maps and Moghunter's Simple Diagonal Movement for my game, but when I use both of them, the player can be seen walking diagonally through solid blocks. It is seen in the attached image. I'm not sure how hard it is to fix this, but I'd appreciate any...
  16. Dacuna

    Actor's Name In Show Text...

    Hey, I am absolutely sure it has been done before but I just can't remember the name. It's this one here. I'm not as interested in the picture as the colored name set above the text.
  17. Misty

    Sound effect when event runs into player?

    Hello everyone, I want my event to make a sounds when bumping into the player and not when I bump or touch a event. More detail: Sprite event------------->*Bumps player* = sound 1  Sprite event------------->*Bumps player* = sound 2 Sprite event------------->*Bumps player* = sound 3 Sprite...
  18. shiori4me

    [ACE] Have it so the starting battle or returning to map after battle doesn't fade the screen in?

    I want to have it so that I fade the screen out then start a battle and it will stay that way until I manually turn it back on, or if I fade out the screen mid-battle, I can have it so that when I return to the field, the screen will stay faded out until I change it. This is for special events...
  19. JamieScript

    How to remove weapons and armors in Item menu screen?

    Hi, recently I have started making a horror game which does not use weapons and armors and I would like to remove both these tabs from the items menu. Any help would be great, thanks!  :D

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