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    I need help with something that's not working right

    I have an event page that makes you choose your weapon, then you battle, then you have a choice to either keep the weapon or change it. When this happens I want to remove all the weapons he has equipped. But when I remove the weapon and "include equipment" it doesn't remove it. If you want to...

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Creating 3D CGs for Cutscenes. :kaosalute:

I keep wanting to post every song I make for the game and have to hold back on that because at this rate, I'll have spoiled all the really good stuff lol..
DerniBorges wrote on TSR's profile.
Is there any way this plugin works with the big character, and the QSprite plugin? Using RTP chars, everything works fine, but the big ones, with QSprite, it's like that in the image, it doesn't reflect right. And there is, in the settings, an option to fix it. Thanks.
Bengawan Solo with fantasy style arrangement. :D
So I just got my computer back (Was posting stuff on my phone) But now my dang monitor's broken! I'll need to get a new one, which means... JOBS! Yaaay... When I get a new monitor, I'll post picture of one of my RPGMMV projects.
Wish me luck... :kaodes:

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