1. SRD Auto Update Incompatible with Victor Engine

    I'm having problems to make SRD Auto Update plugin work with Victor Enginer, it disables VE plugins when starting the game. The plugins are in the correct order but the error continues... ...
  2. BonnieLass

    Compatibility issues with Hime's Hidden Choices and Disabled Choices Plugins

    I've discovered an incompatibility issue while using Hime's Hidden Choice Conditions, their Disabled Choice Conditions, and Yanfly's Extended Message Pack 1. I followed the compatibility instruction shown in the help section of the Hidden Choices plugin and placed that plugin below the others...
  3. tvghost

    [Ace] Prexus Shadows Incompatibility issue

    Demo below. Screenshots: There is a shadow generated for (Sprite_Remind) when there should be none, causing a shadow to hover above the player character. I'd like to get rid of this shadow bitmap for the balloon display. The two scripts used are: Prexus - Shadows...
  4. FeliPereira97

    SRD Auto-Updater - "Cannot read property 'slice' of undefined" on startup

    I just installed SRDude's Auto-Updater Plugin, and even following his video tutorial, my game crashes when I start, showing the following screen: I feel kinda "invaded" by that, but here's my F8 windows stuff I have little programming knowledge, but I guess it's not clear what plugin is...
  5. BigSharkZ

    Diagonal sprites for Quasi Movement plugin?

    Hello, I've been using Galv's Diagonal Movement and Pixel Move plugins, however I had to stop using Pixel Move when I noticed it does not support followers. I also need Collision Maps so I made the switch to Quasi's plugins instead. However, my issue is that I cannot seem to find a way to have...
  6. Oscar92player

    [SOLVED] [YEP][VE] Victory Aftermath Level Up & SFonts issues

    Hello, everyone! As you know, there are some plugins made by Yanfly and Victor that has incompatibility issues; some of them are serious, and others only needs little arrangements. This issue is like this last one. When I use the YEP Victory Aftermath Level Up (Add-on) and Victor's SFonts...
  7. Songsmith

    Incompatibility between Jay's Dualtechs and YEP SkillLearnSystem?

    As the title states, I'm using the plugins jay_dualtechs and YEP_SkillLearnSystem, found here and here. Dualtech - SkillLearn - Using the Dual...
  8. Moghunter incompatibility with Yanfly in-battle scenes

    Hi everyone! I tried installing Moghunter's battle transitions ( and battle commands ( plugin, to a game with several Yanfly plugins, and whenever I enter an in-battle scene like...

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