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  1. I'm looking to commercially publish my game on Nintendo Switch.

    Good morning, I am here to ask a simple question. I am interested in creating a game in RPG maker MZ on my PC and once its complete porting it over to the Nintendo Switch eshop. I understand legally once you own the engine you can sell games. My main question is this, I see a console only...
  2. zoozobrastudios

    RMMV The Bad Son [Demo] [Indie horror RPG]

    The anti-authority indie horror RPG that your parents don't want you to play. PLAY THE DEMO (STEAM) Features: Exciting story: know the effects that are causing Malachai and the rest of "bad sons" who were born that day in 1979... 16-bit graphics with a unique nuance in the use of the color...
  3. alcreator440

    RMMV Zolla's Nightmare

  4. yopeople

    Modern way of Marketing your Indie Game

    Heya guys. I written a post about a solo indie developer who shared his experience on marketing an indie game with a very low budget. I hope this blog helps many indie developers who are new to the indie game marketing. If you had success in marketing, hit me up and I'd like to have a chat with...
  5. ArtikDart

    RMMV Mistia - The Kingdom of Krasten

    Mistia is a 2D pixel art fantasy video game set in a unique world full of details and mysteries to be discovered, with a great narrative story. The game will be divided into four chapters, through which Cole, the young protagonist of our story, will have the chance to meet new companions and...
  6. DigitalWF

    (Need Tips)The most profitable game type (My market Research)

    So I have been browsing the web and do some market research for weeks from a popular indie game platform,To find some idea and inspirations to make games. I peeked on patreons from a lot of indie developer, and I am very surprised that it’s the adult game/NFSW game that is making good...
  7. SoaringDreams

    RMMV Elements of Alma: Shades of Tragedy

    All feedback is welcomed :D
  8. Netherware Entertainment

    RM2k/3 Super Crystal Hunter

    Slade is a young and outstanding thief who has grown up between the filthiest thugs and bandits of a famous illicit activities guild, which, since immemorial times has ravaged the Eastern Lands. However, the King of these lands, someone who was a respectable and fair person has dramatically...
  9. alcreator440

    TRADE Searching For Playtesters

    Engine: RPGMaker MV Positions in need: Playtester My Position: Developer Hey RPG Fans, I'm searching for playtesters for my JRPG Rhythm game, Mana Raiders. This has an action packed battle system that eliminates standard rpg traits such as hitrate, evade rate, and critical rate for the...
  10. Trying To Do an Editing Job

    Overview: I'm editing some events for a creator. Problem: I can't find the events I'm supposed to edit. They've sent me their map001 data (not the actual map) and the mapsinfo data. The content does show up in the editor, but they're all blank and one dungeon looking map. "Common events" tabs...


    Hey friends: The Conviction demo is finally ready for the world to try. Demo version: c_test.02 The demo is available in English, Japanese, Traditional Chinese, and Simplified Chinese (you can switch to your language in-game). Enjoy the first 2 levels of the game (about 30 minutes of...
  12. _Z_

    Hunters and Heroes Sideview Battlers

    Hey all this is ~Z~ from Nim Design and Development, an indie dev team compised of myself and Mu. This is my first actual post on rpgmakerweb but I wanted to share some resources with the community as I've used the forums for advice and inspiration though felt to intimidated by the excellent...
  13. ColdAsSnow

  14. [RMVX Ace] How to create "Load" call script to "Original Commands?"

    For starters, Good 'Day, Everyone! So my question / request is how can... I / anyone create a script like this? I inspired / based my RPG Maker Horror Game on "Witch's House " that's why I also want a simple and similar menu likes this! First picture would be this one: This is the menu option...
  15. alcreator440

    RMMV Mana Raiders

    Download the latest version of the game here! This is a challenging 2D JRPG Rhythm game that has a dynamic action packed battle system. Taking full inspiration from Final Fantasy V this game follows the cunning and capable thief named Aksil on a quest to steal the biggest score of Mana in a...
  16. Stridah

    Eternal Conflict

  17. Potato Lord

    (Indie Game) Title Screen

    Okay, so I need help creating a title screen for a indie game I am creating called "Marooned." It needs to show a dungeon entrance, and a sign saying "Zentai Dungeon", it needs to have a sunset in the background.  :(  My friend is an expert at using Photoshop and drawing, etc. but she won't...
  18. Schematist

    How to Create RPG Battle Themes

    I realize that a few people are just starting off in the world of game audio and may need some tips on how to write certain themes. If you would like to see the process I go through when creating an RPG Battle Theme please check out the link below. :)

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