1. Goddiga

    Digital copy perk and an actual game price.

    Hello! I was wondering if you would normally set the same price for the digital copy perk (may or may not include other rewards) and a selling price on Steam or anywhere else when crowdfunding or not. What's usually the sensible choice or your suggestion and why? 1. A perk for digital copy =...
  2. AcosmicDevi

    Tips for Running a Crowdfunding Campaign

    Hello all, I was scrolling through my Feedly feeds and came across this gem. I know many of you are trying to drum up funding for your games using crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or just plain old Paypal donations. Here is an article from with some really good tips...
  3. Why is it so hard to get noticed on indiegogo?

    I've been trying to start a fundraiser to raise funds so I can afford to purchase more commercial resources for my project, but so far, it seems like I can't even get a single person interested. More people are interested in helping the guy who's begging for Xbox One money instead of my 8 month...

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