1. RMMV Indigenous People/First Nation peoples Wigwams/Igloos/Teepee

    Hello, fellow gamemakers! I'm looking to create a few villages/towns that are based on Native American (predominately Canadian) and I need a few things. New art is appreciated, but so are links to stuff that works! I am looking for Wigwams, Igloos, teepees, and other Native structures. For...
  2. Jaded

    RMMV Seaweed

    Seaweed Demo (alpha version) : did it as a zip instead of a 7z: newest link: It has a read me included, I am about halfway through play testing it and except for everything I want to fix and learn, it is working...

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I am officially amused. One of the NPCs in my project is basically meant as the guy you check in with to point you where you should go next, including if you’ve been away for a bit and have forgotten.

I can conclusively say he does his job nicely. I was out of town over the weekend. I had forgotten what I was working on, so I checked what I had last done with him for a reminder. ^.^
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