1. gabrieldiastche

    RMMV Luke Inn [DEMO] - September/2020

    LUKE INN Summary Luke Inn, is a game about a guy, Luke, that doesn’t have anything, no money, no friends and and no happiness. He received a letter that his family died a couple days ago and a friend of his father and mother asked him to go see their old house. This friend asks him to stay...
  2. iCed

    Inn price per member

    Hi there ! I just wrote my first (newbie) script to calculate the price of an inn depending on the number of members in a party, and wanted to share it, to read from you about improvements that could be made. Basically, I created an event somewhere in the map, in Parallel mode, with the...
  3. captainette777

    Item/Skill that teleports the user to the last inn they slept in?

    I wanted to create a skill/item that would allow the player to warp back to the last inn they slept in, but I have no idea how to event that in at all. Any help?
  4. Inn System Help

    Hi everyone! I'm trying to get working an inn system which has two specific characteristics: - Cost of the inn is determined by lost HP (ie 1 gold per 1HP to recover) - Inn restores all HP/MP and states except for KO Does anyone have any workarounds or suggestions on how to do this?
  5. SC Fúria

    Percentage Healing while sleeping

    Hi guys!  Recently I've been wondering about the possibility of making a percentage healing whenever the player goes to sleep in an inn, bed... Basically, what i want is to heal the 100% of the maximum hp if the game difficulty is set to easy, heal a 75% of mhp if it's intermediate and heal a...
  6. Seriel

    NPC Ramblings?

    So i've got an inn full of NPCs, and a town full of em too (It's a popular town), but i've got a slight problem, what do I make them say? This is an area thats a bit too creative for me, so has anyone got any tips on what to make these NPCs (And NPCs in general) say?
  7. Kikkerman

    Single map item shop for entire game

    Hey everybody, this is my first post, I couldn't find an answer to the problem elsewhere so I hope it hasn't been asked yet. -----Goal------ I would like to have all 4 maps to go to the same item shop, but upon leaving, return to the map they were previously on. ----Situation---- The...
  8. OM3GA-Z3RO

    Well Rested Buffs in Inn's

    This isn't very important, this idea is still in the decision phase whether or not we going to implement this or not but would like to put this in the testing game to see how it actually plays out (We are working on 2 games, one is a dummy game where we test our things for the real game) In our...
  9. Show Money Box While Talking to Innkeeper

    Is there a way to display the little box that shows how much money you have without taking you to the full screen menu?  I'd like to be able to show it while you're asked if you want to stay at an Inn so you'd know if you could and the monetary impact it might have.

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