input number

  1. Mercedes90

    [SOLVED] Setting up in-game phone numbers to phone calls in MV?

    I know there's another thread on how to do this, but I have already read the solution for it on that thread, and it was all about setting up a "contact list to 'call' other actors", except that it's just another way of dialogue rather than an actual in-game phone call. I followed up on it and it...
  2. _Soysauce_

    Editing the position of the Input Number Window

    Hi everyone, I've googled far and away for the simplest of plugins (I'm assuming), but at this point I'm pretty positive nobody cares enough for the input number window, as most plugins seem to be a complete overhaul of it. I'm working on a project that resizes the game window to 288x192px...
  3. ChizWhiz12

    Timed Input Number Window

    Good day to all! I am currently working on a game for a school project. A primary mechanic I want in the game is a sort of quiz system in battles that only allow you to attack if you get the correct answer which will be entered using "Input Number". Everything is up and running, however, I would...
  4. Auto Press "Enter" key

    I am working on a timed input number event in which if the player does not input a number (press the "enter" key) within the time limit, they get a Game Over. However, the problem is that the input number window still exists during the Game Over screen (if the player does not press enter), and I...
  5. CynicSyndrome

    Input Number command is being ignored by my event. Why?

    The Input Number command is being ignored by my event. It is a rather large event with several choices but its not my first large event and I haven't run into this problem before. Any thoughts on why this might be?
  6. Input Number Question

    This is probably a very simple question, but I have yet to find an answer. I have a door that will only open with a password. I have set up an Input Number command of 4 digits in the event and added a Conditional Branch for when the player gets it right or gets it wrong. My problem is that, for...
  7. Input number with a timelimit

    Hello, I am a Math-teacher and want to make a game for my class. I myself worked with the RPGMaker when I was in school, so i am familiar with the programm. Although scripting within the RPGmaker is new for me. So my problem,... I want to implement a Timeattack-mode where you have to answer...

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