1. Flechi

    Custom Keyboard Mapping - A plugin to fully customize keybindings

    Hi! Custom Keyboard Mapping is my latest plugin for RPG Maker MZ that allows the player to configure their keybindings by pressing any key on their keyboard. You can also define the default keybindings in the plugin parameters. DOWNLOAD...
  2. H0LOdm

    RMMV A plugin that allows user input in battle?

    Could I request a plugin that allows user input in battle, affecting damage dealt or similar things? Like those Scratch games that make you fight with math or something. It doesn't need to have a specific look or anything, just a text box that the player could type in during battle for their...
  3. bluechuii

    Please help me with loops/ Input!

    I'm trying to make a 'menu' of sorts. I was told Loops and Conditional branches would be a good way to do it. So, basically, I have pictures that are like a menu. I want the player to be able to press up and down to flick through the options and press ok so they can choose an outfit etc. I...
  4. TheCulturalMan

    Input Box Events Plugin

    Is there a plugin to open an Input Box where you write something and according to the particular word you wrote it will play an event. It can be choice or fixed it doesn't matter. I just want something that helps me to run an event using Input Text from the players, for RPG Maker MZ. Thank you...
  5. RMMZ Input Combo Attacks script/plugin

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone had tried to do input combo attacks in MZ yet. I've been thinking of doing it via script calls but I'm not sure how or think it would end as a really convoluted code. Is porting a MV plugin for this possible?
  6. Oatilis

    [Solved] Is there a simple way to unbind (disable) the "X" and "Z" keys?

    I don't want to use Z/X for input. After some searching, I couldn't find an easy way to do this. I'm using Yanfly's ButtonCommonEvents plugin, so one of the things I tried was to bind Z and X to an empty common event - but pressing these keys seem to be unchanged in the game (I made sure to...
  7. GreyWolfVino

    Character/Actor Name Change

    Hey fellow game makers, so I decided to have the player decide the name of the main character of my game but the character does have a default name in “Ace”. I want to do a Final Fantasy VII type of name change. In the beginning of the game, Cloud’s name is known as “Ex-Soldier” but immediately...
  8. PrideOfTheForbidion

    RMMV Game idea, Open world, Ancient Maji,

    hi all, pretty sure i have the right forum ~,~ sorry pretty new still so not 100% sure, even so i was just reading the rules, this game is so far a idea, i have been playing around with some mechanics i wont be starting to put the game together until i finish the sprite sheets that im creating...
  9. Test box to wait for input before going away.

    It seems by default MV does not wait for input to remove a text box, however I would prefer to wait for input. Surely there is a way to do this, but I can't seem to find an answer within the manual. Thanks.
  10. Damaris

    [RMMV] (Twitch Integration) Seeking User Input Solution (and general advice).

    So for a bit of fun I've been working on integrating an RMMV project into my twitch stream. I'm not too experienced with Javascript and my RMMV knowledge is a little rusty - so I thought I'd turn here for an assist. It's a pretty simple setup so far but it's borderline functional - The issue...
  11. Gabenslair

    Any Alternatives to the Input Skill combo Chain script for MV

    Given that the most prominent plugin request for said ace script had alot of controversy, I wanted to see if there were any alternative ways I can replicate that endorphin rushing satisfaction of attacking enemies. If you want to ask, I am planning to try out making a short LISA-eque test demo...
  12. FeliPereira97

    Any alternative keyboard for input?

    In 854x480 resolution (ideal for mobile), the keyboard when inputting text is cut at the bottom. Is there any alternative to this one? Or is there a way to change the top box's size?. Thanks in advance
  13. MichaelJ

    Erpicci Keyboard Text Input Script Help

    Hi there everyone. I recently got this script for my project (which is on VX Ace) https://forums.rpgmakerweb.com/index.php?threads/keyboard-text-input.36828/ The only problem is, despite reading the posts in the thread, I'm having a hard time understanding something. I'm wondering if any of...
  14. Rehtinor

    Improved Mouse Input (Click Once Edition)

    Howdy, Improved Mouse Input is a plugin that makes the mouse highlight menu elements on mouse over. The days of clicking an item once to highlight it and again to select it are over! Incidentally this will also apply to Touch input which I am unable to test for myself. Features: Highlight menu...
  15. How to perform battle actions with button input in VX Ace?

    I'm wondering if there is a way to have my characters perform their actions, such as attack or guard by pressing a specific button on the keyboard, instead of having to go through the menu and just press z. For example, for someone to use attack in battle they press "Z" but to guard they press...
  16. Chef

    Change input settings with variable or switch via plugin

    Does anyone have a clue on how to change the control scheme with a variable or switch inside a plugin itself (perhaps via an "if>then, else" branch like in MV). Or is it not possible for a plugin to read & use switches and variables from RPG MV? I do know how to change the control scheme itself...
  17. RainbowGrenade

    Reading Note Tag Via Script Call

    Is this possible? I would like to use a script that allows for a specific customization I need through note tags, but not script calls or plugin commands. The issue being that I need to make these customization during play. I've reached out to the creator of the script, but it got me thinking...
  18. Goddiga

    Using "Input._currentState.dir" to move the cursor.

    Hello! I was trying to make the cursor move by itself using "Input._currentState.dir". But, I've stumbled upon some problem. Ex. When I use "Input._currentState.down = true", the cursor will keep going down on its own only when I pressed Down button. Nothing happened when I pressed Up. I want...
  19. Yanfly Button Event plugin freezes player commands

    Hey all, I'm trying to use this plugin to fire a common event upon using a specific key. ( http://yanfly.moe/2016/01/23/yep-061-button-common-events/ ) My goal is, when pressing a specific key, to ask the player if he wants to leave the game with a regular message box (Yes/No). The issue is...
  20. Yare

    Engine-side bug: Input.Mouse.buttonUp set while Input.Mouse.buttons is not

    Reposting this from the Steam discussion boards for visibility. There's a bug in VNM's engine-side input handling code that occasionally causes clicks to get lost. In Component_InputHandler.update: //... if Input.Mouse.buttonUp console.log("click")...

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