1. Rikifive

    Random Crashes Caused by Input System

    Hello everybody! I've been struggling with this for days and I think I have finally found the source of problem. What's Wrong? My game crashes randomly when changing parameters ranging from simply HP to ATK etc.. ~ No matter how I'll change these (by items or scripts) there is a chance...
  2. Text inputs in battles

    Hi, I'm a computing teacher at a UK school and I have had a rather odd idea. You see, I teach 8-12 year olds and I would like to make a RPG in RPGMakerMV (I got an idea from an Anime I was watching) to help make maths and other learning fun. Ideally I want to replace enemy attacks with...
  3. Bonkers

    Request: Common Event/Input during dialogue window

    Would it be possible for MV plugins to accept an input/common event during a dialogue window being open?  I'd like to activate something when a character says dialogue, then player can freely go to the menu to save or revisit information and come back to the same message where they left off. ...
  4. ramza

    Locked Controls

    Good day all. I am noticing what could turn out to be a bug in the core engine, which seems to come up in any project I test play, regardless of platform (happens on android as well as windows). I have tested with a blank project and it also still happens. Issue: XInput or touch controls...
  5. Click to Move

    Hello folks. I have a request for a PlugIn as my knowledge of JavaScript only allows me to modify, not create :P I have scoured the forums and traveled the many reaches of Google and alas, my quest as turned up incomplete. What I am looking for is a Script that will disable keyboard...
  6. Discrete button presses for button-mashing minigame

    I'm trying to make a fairly standard button-mashing minigame: You mash the confirm key to fill up a bar. It mostly works fine. But if you just hold the button down, you automatically win the minigame since it's checking every frame. Is there a way to distinguish between button-pressed and...
  7. Felix Trapper

    Disable 'Page' button in Input Name Processing

    I would like to limit the Input Name Processing to just the first page of standard font characters. In fact, the font I'm using has none of the characters seen on the 2nd page, so when you click 'Page', it just goes to a blank screen. This looks really unprofessional. I would like to disable...
  8. Check for Gamepad Input

    Hey there! I want to add Gamepad compatibility to my game so I need a plugin: Type: System Description: I need a plugin, similar to eivl's Keyboard Plugin or Quasi Input, that allows me to use script calls to check if a button/stick from a Gamepad is being used. To be clear, I don't need to...
  9. DoubleX RMMV Reverse Input

    Note This plugin's available for commercial use Purpose Lets users set some actors reversing the assigned window inputs Games using this plugin None so far Notetags Plugin Calls Prerequisites 1. Some Javascript coding proficiency to fully utilize this plugin...
  10. YellowIris

    RPG Maker MV - Cooking System - Minor Syntax Error

    Hi Everyone! I know the title of my question topic might sound very complicated, but I swear I have but only one question.  (Bear with me as English is not my first language so explaining it could be a little weird for me.) I'm trying to make a solid cooking system for my game (which is going...
  11. SilverDash

    Input keymapper

    if (Input.isPressed('pagedown')){ // works}if (Input.isPressed(33)){ // does not work}var alias_silv_mm_onKeyDown = Input._onKeyDown;Input._onKeyDown = function(event){ switch(event.keyCode) { case 33: // works but also performs all these checks when we don't need to check for a keypress...
  12. Quxios

    Quasi Input

    [Quasi] Input Version 1.03 MV by Quasi       What it does: This plugin adds extra input functionality. It adds more keys to allow for a keyboard input window and allows you to remap all default keys including the F keys.   Terms of use: This does not follow my...
  13. Rikifive

    Improved Input

    Hello everybody!   I'm looking for / I'd like to request an input script of some kind, that would allow me to use more keys on keyboard. I tried Dekita's Heavily Optimized RGSS Input System, but there are bugs (random crashes) and it disables the ability to use gamepad at all. In fact, this...
  14. Milena

    Input.dir4 and Input.dir8 problems

    I want to make the sprites move diagonally when you press the keys, but it just moves weirdly. Can someone spot why? My code:
  15. Ellie Jane

    A standard text input box

    Has anybody created a text input box yet? If not I can make one, I am just hoping to use one that is/will be considered the standard one, as it's a pretty complex but ubiquitous widget at the same time. I'm making a plugin that will use one, but I'd rather not make/distribute one solely for...
  16. Synyster

    Input Name through Keyboard

    Is there a plugin for RPG Maker MV that will allow someone to quickly type in their name using their keyboard instead of selecting each letter individually? Something similar to this one that was made for VX Ace.
  17. Allowing more functions to keyboard presses in MV

    Hi. I have a pretty big project ported to RPG Maker MV (an Action RPG without any scripting, everything done by myself) and I need a minimum of 11 action keys (4 for movement, one for dashing, melee attacks, special attacks, menu, defense and 2 for changing the selected special attack)...
  18. Milena

    Input Equivalents

    In VXAce, we have Input.trigger?(: B) , Input.trigger?(:A) and so on. What is the equivalent of this on MV, say, you want to detect which key was pressed?
  19. ??????

    Heavily Optimized RGSS Input System + Addons

    Heavily Optimized Input System By Dekita @ www.dekyde.com     Features: Optimized for use with RPG Maker Vx Ace Mouse click && scroll detection Removal of F key binds Cheat system Keylogger More.. Detailed Features: The purpose of this system is to create a more flexible && efficient Input...
  20. Lock user input?

          So I'm learning how to use RGSS3 and I'm slowly discovering all the cool things I can do with it. I haven't started building a prototype yet because I'm still in the planning stage of the game I want to make, and one of the features I want to add (well, not really a feature, but a...

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