1. _Shadow_

    [ Shaz mouse script ] Requesting a small tweak - fix

    First off a huge thanks to Shaz and the rest of the people that made this script. You can find it here: http://ezmash.net/devblog/?p=49 It seems that using the script as a vandal can casue some minor but noticable issues. Pressing Z fast like an idiot to pass some dialogue boxes (who didn't...
  2. Script for auto-changing keyboard controls

    So I'm making that a game that is almost near completion, and I have set specific controls for the player in order to prevent awkward controls. Here is a screenshot that shows the controls intended for the finalized game: Problem: When I playtest the game, the controls that I have set using...
  3. VoltraK

    Temporarily Disable Key/button inputting?

    I searched high and low and couldn't find anything already in the program or any scripts that could fix it this. I'm trying to make an event using unskippable text boxes and map scrolling at the same time. It worked perfectly, until I realized if I hit a certain key, it fast-forwards the text...
  4. Furry Cat

    Yanflys Input Combo Skill Help

    I need help with Yanflys Input Combo Skill Script.   Whenever i use the skill that activates the Input combo window, and then i wait or click the Skills in the combo list. The enemy attacks and closes the Input combo window...   The script is working perfectly, i have the tag notes, no...
  5. Wildy333

    Yanfly Input Combo Help

    Hello, I'm having slight trouble with the Yanfly Input Combo script. The script works essentially fine, however, when I do the button input and commands, almost immediately after the enemies/allies go on with their turns instead of waiting to the hits and animations to finish. I've also had...
  6. Kazuki

    Input Trigger Delay

    I was wondering if anyone could help me make my custom menu pop up instantly after pressing the X key. I have to press the key several times to get the menu sometimes and other times it pops up right away. I will attach my event page that calls the custom menu.
  7. tiagoms

    Question of the "Input" for condition.

    Hello. I am struggling to create conditions for the "input". My idea is to use all the keyboard letters, but to create conditions for "When pressed another button besides the determined". use many "or" let the very large code.   Teste 1: Large line Code... Test 2: Fail Could someone...
  8. Tsukihime

    Symbol Dial System

    The symbol dial system allows you to easily set up combination dials with any symbols of your choice. You can use numbers, letters, and even characters from different languages. Symbol dials can be used in puzzles where players must figure out the correct combination to enter. As an...
  9. CharcoalKidd

    Tracking Player Cancel Input?

         Long time Maker, first time poster. I've been conceptualizing a battle system that uses events (I'm a negligible scripter), but I've come upon a hiccup. What I want to do essentially is have a bar at the bottom of the screen that fills up, and draws on a hidden variable, so that once the...
  10. erpicci

    Keyboard Text Input

    Text_Input 1.1 Author: erpicci Introduction This script allows the player to insert a medium-sized text by typing directly with the keyboard. Inserted text is returned as a string. Requires Neon Black's Keyboard Input Script to work. It is completely free, both for commercial and...
  11. FenixFyreX


    FyxInput FenixFyreX What? Another input module? Yep, another, but not a normal one, by far. This one has features unknown to the RPG Maker community, until now. Alright, what's the bells and whistles then? The features follow below:Key input processing: press?, trigger?, release?, and repeat...
  12. Tsukihime

    Checking if any key is pressed

    Recently I had needed a way to determine whether any key was pressed on the keyboard. This was because any key could potentially be used as an event trigger, and I didn't want to assume anything about what those keys might be. Without this check, the other safest way was to constantly execute...
  13. Rukiri

    Input animation lag?

    Hey everyone! I've just noticed recently, maybe because I got a new 4K monitor^^  that the actor has input animation lag, it seems every key press you'd see the player going into it's walk cycle.   If I press "Down" once, the player moves but no animation, press "Down" again and I see the actor...
  14. AceofSpades

    [Ace] Yami Battle Symphony and Yanfly Input Combo Skills

    I realize this topic has probably come up a few times already, but I just couldn't find the solution to my problem. So I've been using Yanfly's Input Combo Skills, and I really love it. But I also recently added Yami's Battle Symphony to my game. Now, the input combo skills don't work. Instead...
  15. Normal keyboard inputs not working!! HELP PLEASE!

    I have been working on a project for about a month. I just tried opening it today to playtest it. Upon opening, I did not change anything. I attempt to play test, and the up and left keyboard buttons do not work, and my character is constantly moving to the left. I searched these forums and...
  16. wrigty12

    Number input while scripting?

    Very simple questions, but I am using Falcao Pearl ABS script, and there is a part where you can use number keys to use skills. Ex: Weapon   =  [PearlKey:,      'D]             Armor    =  [PearlKey::A,      'A']               Item     =  [PearlKey::Q,      'Q']               Item2    =...
  17. Zane

    List of Key Bindings

    Is there a list with all the possible bindings for keys? I'm not talking about the already known ones like C, B, X etc. Thanks in advance everyone.
  18. kerbonklin

    Looking for a Keybind Scene w/ window.

    So with the previous commotion about keybinds....is there (or can someone make) a scripted scene that allows keybinding of the default keys? (ZXCASDQW + L-Shift + Escape + Space + Enter)  It would be opened from a menu command and looks something like the following...
  19. Zalerinian

    [RGSS3] Input Simulator

    Input Simulator v1.0.0 - February 13th, 2014 Introduction The Input Simulator script allows a developer to send specific key presses to the game, effectively simulating a keypress from the player. Features - Send input from any key on the keyboard (Designed for the US qwerty keyboard) How...
  20. Zalerinian

    [RGSS3] Window Textbox 1.2.2

    Window Textbox v1.2.2 - March 22nd, 2014 Introduction The textbox script allows  developer to prompt the user for keyboard input, allowing them to type in a response in realtime. Features - Realtime keyboard input - Multiple charsets for a specific type of input - Unicode support -...

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