1. Bug People and Flower People

  2. Thagrahn

    Insect Girls and Guys for MV

    I have been working on a game world over the past month, and have been able to find great assets for most of it. The biggest area I am having trouble with is with templates for making insect like characters. I've seen a few pre-generated characters for it but it's usually only the TD version. I...
  3. New Character Needed

    Resource Type: Character/Battletoads Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist's Original Description: Well, I hope someone can help me making It. I started playing tabletop RPG with some friends a few months ago and now I'm wanting to recreate some of our adventures using the RPG maker tool, but I...

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hi, i was looking thru ur awesome stuff, and was looking around the internet, how in the heckin heck do i get the hiddendoors to open? im addng them to the doors event but they just appear as solid walls, btw am total noob lol

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