1. KrimsonKatt

    Skill Name Ideas?

    Okay so I just started a new project on my new Switch version of MV (which I got today) and I'm having trouble with coming up with skills. I have 12 classes in my game, which you can assign to any of your 6 party members in the beginning of the game. (Like in FF1) There are 4 magical classes and...
  2. Kupotepo

    Ideas for Trigger/ Damage Floors [Death Trap]

    Floor Damage has been a part of the traditional RPG games. I do not mean like the floor in your residence due to water damage or wear out due to their wear and tear. I mean like in the RPG dungeons the lava floors. The ice tile is not damaged floor per se to create slipperily and the sinkhole...
  3. KazukiT

    What got you into RPG Making

    I started fiddling with RPG maker back in 2013 but, I wasn’t serious about it. However, I had fun using it. I primarily made comics. I stopped using it back in 2015 but, it was always at the back of myimd. I didn’t enjoy making comics anymore, I did any side project to get away from it. Then I...
  4. dragoonwys

    Looking for style inspiration for making implied super tall redwood tree tiles

    Heyo! I'm looking for some style inspiration for trees that are so tall they can't be shown fully on the map and have to be implied. The map in question is that I want to make a Redwood forest, and the 4 tile tall trees I normally make don't give me the right feeling that I am trying to go for...
  5. CodeHunterEx

    Game Inspiration

    Mostly everyone gets their inspiration from other games, but I wonder, has anyone received any inspiration from television or movies. Maybe a book they read? To make this a bit more interesting, lets remove some that I don't think fit: television shows and movies based on games: Final Fantasy...
  6. Soulmagnet

    Finish a project and lack of inspiration.

    Hello everyone, I am suffering from the syndrome of the blank sheet, a long time ago. I'm stuck, for years I've been using rpg maker, from 2k3 to ace ... however after about twenty abandoned projects I do not know what to do anymore, I have the knowledge about how to approach a project but I do...
  7. Rhino

    Creative Block Support Thread!

    Hey guys, since it's really easy to get burned out when making a game, I thought it'd be nice if we had a support thread for help and inspiration! Post your tips and tricks on how you stay motivated, fight a creative block or show off some improvement to inspire others! The tips can be as...
  8. Pine Towers

    Burn Out (or "When in doubt to continue")

    Hi guys! So, the topic today will be about burn out or when in doubt to continue. How do you react when the feeling of wasting time appears? Where do you grab yourself to? In the end objective? In what you already accomplished? Upon finding a game much close to yours, but "better", be it in...
  9. CallMeKerrigan

    Online Generators

    I replied to a thread a while back about these generators, but I thought I should get the word out. I use these generators a lot when I need to refresh my thought process, or I'm stuck when I'm writing a story. To be honest, sometimes I don't even use what is generated, they just get my mind...
  10. The Game (An inspirational game for struggling creators) This is a game for struggling game creators. The game is exceptionally short and simple. It has no new assets, nothing but the default music, and no gameplay elements whatsoever. It's so simple, it only has enough content for two...
  11. KanaX

    Inspiration limitations.

    In my current project, there's a character that appears mostly in the lore of the story and she does not affect the game in any major way (except perhaps, allow some different endings). I want to imply that she is a character from a different game. She's not given the same name and there's...
  12. headdie

    Something some might find inspirational

    So I ran into this today, an artist in Canada has crafted cat and mouse armour which I think might make useful references for people working on any projects involving antro/fury characters Some...
  13. Lunawolfcomics

    What sparked your current/past RPG Maker project(s)

    Hey everyone, so I was thinking back to all of my game/project ideas are started to wonder where I got the original ideas from. The current project I'm working on, The Perfectionist, is an idea I've had for a really long time and never pushed myself to make a game for it until last year. I...
  14. Dimitris

    What inspires you to write your game's story

    Where does your inspiration comes from? Is it a book, a movie or another game? Where are your characters and your world based? For example, the main character I am making has the positivity of Tidus from Final Fantasy X, one from my secondary characters is out for revenge similar with Edmond...
  15. DeadCrescendo

    How RPG Maker Saved My Life

    I know that's a super cheesy title, but hey. :P I had recently divorced from my wife of 3 years, with a 1 year old girl in my arms and staying in a tiny box of a room in my parent's house, I fell into a deep depression. Unable to hold down a job due to my frequent drinking, I constantly was...
  16. Simon D. Aelsi

    What music inspires YOU to create?

    What music inspires YOU to create? Do you listen to only one genre? Do you try to find genres that fit the game you're working on? Or... Are you a wildcard? Will almost anything inspire you to create? Share with me? For those who don't know, listen to the links the others inspire.   Believe it...
  17. Shinma

    Inspirational Music

    So what do you guys listen to as inspiration to get you in the mood to work on your games? I find Lindsey Stirling and OCRemix to be pretty good for me.

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