1. Simon D. Aelsi

    What music inspires YOU to create?

    What music inspires YOU to create? Do you listen to only one genre? Do you try to find genres that fit the game you're working on? Or... Are you a wildcard? Will almost anything inspire you to create? Share with me? For those who don't know, listen to the links the others inspire.   Believe it...

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For those who heard MZ’s Battle 2, anybody think it’s a continuation of MV’s Battle 1?
Finally done! Time to continue the other one.
Grass... Earth... Sand... Snow! Working on edits for some new autotiles for MZ/MV
Waiting on approval on my One Map Challenge game, which I made to get a feel for RPG Maker. I was able to complete it before MZ's release, now I can focus fully on the MZ game I want to make. I'm excited, ya'll.

I have recently returned to try and developing games after I learned how to use digital drawing software.

My goal is to start simple and small. I am mostly aiming to create a game that I would play, and to tell a story that I would like to read. :smile:

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