1. TriangleGM

    RMG MV "J Setup" vs "162W Setup" ?

    I just bought MV, and I was about to install it, when I noticed there are two setup files, and I can't tell what they are exactly. "RPGMV_J_Setup.zip" is more than twice the size of "RPGMV_162W_Setup.zip," and only "J" includes a readme (in Japanese). Do I need to run both of these, or only one...
  2. MushroomCake28

    Font questions for MZ

    Hi everyone! I just have a couple font questions for MZ since I'm terrible with fonts. 1) Which font formats are accepted by MZ? I see that the default font uses .woff. 2) If I use a custom font, will people who play my game need to install the font? 3) Does the font format matter for...
  3. Edgeofwater

    How To Properly Install and Play The Game: Fleshchild?

    Hello! I am new to downloading and playing RPG maker games and I am not entirely sure I know what I am doing. I have downloaded the game and tried running the RPG_RT file,but I am met with the popup message: "The RPG Maker 2003 Run time package is not present or registered" I attempted 2...
  4. How to Install the "redis" on RMMV

    The redis: https://redis.io/ Before starting: I'm South Korean, it's mean... i don't use English well. and please understand when i use English silly Original article: http://avangs.info/study_rpg_mv/1682432 First of all, i just test at "window 10", "RMMV 1.5.2", "redis 2.8.0", "redis-server...
  5. Vis_Mage

    Installing MV on a new computer

    Long story short, my old PC that i've been using for years now just died on me. Fortunately, I had backed up my project itself, but I still have to reinstall MV on the replacement PC. Am I able to use my old activation key from 2015 on the new computer? And if not, is there a way to get MV...
  6. Complications with Product Key

    Hi, recently I had to upgraded my PC and tried to re-install my copy of RPGMaker. I had downloaded it about half a year ago, and there was a problem with the original product key that wouldn't work, so I needed a new key in order to install the program. However now neither key works when I...
  7. Cheah Hsun Teik

    can i use multiple engine plugin in a project?

    Can I use different engine plugin(yanfly,Luna,victor,etc) in one project? What sequence do I need to install the plugin in the plugin list or it can be installed anywhere in the plugin list?(only yanfly plugin teach you where to put each plugin in the list,the others don't)
  8. How to install RPGMMV: Essentials Set when purchased from rpgmakerweb?

    Hello, everyone. I'm very new to RPG Maker, and I'm having trouble installing the Essentials Set to my copy of MV. I've looked up other How To's, but all of them seem to be for people who purchased the game and the set from Steam, whereas I purchased both from the website, so I don't seem to...
  9. project creation

    i got a question. I install RPGm2003 I tried opened a new game project. and it said "project creation could not be completed" and I did a reinstall, nothing worked.
  10. Problems with the Sapphire Action System IV .Help please.

    Hello everyone, I am new to the RPG Maker VX Ace, I only know a few basics so yeah...my question is how do I install a ”Script” or ”Engine” whatever you call them.The name of it it s Sapphire Action System IV . I downloaded it already but I don t know what to do with it...I mean yeah I copied...
  11. Waiting For Support For 5 Days To Transfer License / Product Key?

    Hi All, The logic board was dying on my last computer, so I uninstalled RPG Maker VX Ace. When I tried to install it on my new computer, my product key was not valid. I wrote to support 5 days ago asking for a replacement product key, but I have not gotten a response. I can't work on my game...
  12. voicemediapartners

    Where to install Spritesheets etc.

    I am new here and just bought all of the Pioneer Valley Games packs. I do not know where to install the spritesheets and all of the proper places for each character. I have looked for answers but cannot find any and would like to know if anyone know of a simple guide to installing the packs such...

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