1. TriangleGM

    RMG MV "J Setup" vs "162W Setup" ?

    I just bought MV, and I was about to install it, when I noticed there are two setup files, and I can't tell what they are exactly. "" is more than twice the size of "," and only "J" includes a readme (in Japanese). Do I need to run both of these, or only one...
  2. How to Install the "redis" on RMMV

    The redis: Before starting: I'm South Korean, it's mean... i don't use English well. and please understand when i use English silly Original article: First of all, i just test at "window 10", "RMMV 1.5.2", "redis 2.8.0", "redis-server...
  3. metronome

    MV on Win 8.1 Tablet or Small Laptop?

    Hi, I know this is a pretty stupid question, but I will ask anyway. So here is the story: My laptop is getting heavy (may be just me, but I don't stay in one place for too long) and I am thinking of buying tablet or may be small notebook. Then I saw a tablet ( 1920 x 1200 display)...
  4. How to install the five packages included with RPG Maker MV as of March 2016

    Hello.   I'm new to RPG Maker.  This is my first post to the forum.   I've purchased and downloaded RPG Maker MV this month (March 2016), which was distributed as 5 files.  Namely, these files were included with the purchase:   * * ExtraAssets.exe *...
  5. ashes999

    Installing on Steam?

    Hi, I just purchased MV through the website. I got an email with a product code -- nothing else. No installer EXE or link to a steam somethingorother (as previous forum posters indicated). Are there any current/explicit instructions on how to install this on Steam? Right now, I'm downloading...
  6. Mac Installation, What Am I Doing Wrong?

    I've downloaded the mac Trial from the RPG Maker website and it appears as a .bin file. How do I open this? It won't open with an unarchiver or anything. I've read thatthere's issues with the mac data not cooperating. Is anyone else having this problem?
  7. nerdmor

    Problem removing menu options

    Hello all. I'm sute this is a dumb question, but my Google-Fu and trial-and-error methods have failed me. I'm trying to edit the main menu and, as a POC, have it only display the "status" line. Looking in the code, I though that commenting some lines would work (printscreen in the spoiler)...
  8. How to install the extra materials package?

    I know this is probably a ridiculous question, but I just downloaded the other materials, package, how do I get it to load into the game? Thank you.
  9. Redweaver

    Resource Packs

    Why would you lock my thread? Are you actively preventing me from automating a process that I find tedious? I'm no longer asking the staff to provide this, I'm looking to hook up with other users to make this happen, so it wouldn't be a drain on your resources. Why are you fighting with me over...
  10. Redweaver

    Resource Packs

    Its time to face facts. Installing the Resource Packs for use in your game project is a pain in the butt. It doesn't really matter what the various and sundry reasons are why it is this way, it is just acknowledging reality to admit its not as easy as it really should be. But I think we can fix...
  11. Have not received Product Key

    I have recently upgraded from RPG Maker VX to VX Ace. After purchasing I have received confirmation for the purchase but am still waiting on the Product Key information. It has been about a little bit more than a day and still no information. I have already made a ticket in the Sales Support. I...

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